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I'm Jacqueline Scott indicate you can use it. Or this is Oklahoma's first news cloudy today. Our forecast is coming up an officer involved shooting at Wheeler elementary school that's near east twenty fifth and buyers. Police say the officer had been involved in a chase with a suspect that ended at the school no word so far about what led shooting? The suspect's condition is not known the officer was not injured at alleged hitless targeting middle school students in Lindsay the school learned about it before Christmas break, but school officials determined the threat was not real and didn't tell parents or police about it. The district is now increasing security passing at literature and finding an assembly to discuss it with students the hit list allegedly was compiled by to sixth grade girls who had been suspended a brief impasse between authorities and a man and were acres ended peacefully. US marshals were trying to serve a warrant at a home near north west forty sixth and MacArthur yesterday. Authorities say forty three year old Patrick chancellor barricaded himself. Inside the attic. But later, surrendered peacefully chancellor is facing several complaints, including domestic abuse destruction of property and secondary burglary Republican governor elect Kevin Stitz inaugural festivities begin tonight in lot kickoff, which I'm super excited about that's incoming first lady. Sarah, Kevin will be sworn into office Monday at the state capitol state treasurer Randy McDaniel, says state revenue increased by more than one and a half billion dollars last year. Mcdaniel says the increase was mostly due to dramatic increases in revenue from oil and natural gas production. He says state revenue was slightly less than thirteen billion dollars last year. That's about thirteen percent higher than collections in two thousand seventeen. Okay. Weather.

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