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Yesterday's sell off in us tax dogs has spreads europe into asia europe stocks six hundred index down more than one percent half the asia pacific index finished the day lower by one point three percent thomas murphy is a partner at scallop partners i think technology's been a hiding place investors for a while because technology is seen as part of the market that's not interest rate sensitive so money's been parked there it's part of the reason for the us leading the charge on global economic recovery so that's all been positive but at the moment we're starting to say to clients let's watch this carefully and some tech stocks we're watching this morning including tesla at twitter tesla fell to the lowest level of the year after the national transportation safety board said it's investigating a crash involving one of the companies cars analysts are also voicing concern that production targets for the model three sedan won't be met tesla shares down one and a half percent in early trading on top of yesterday's eight percent decline twitter foul twelve percent yesterday after shortsellers citron research center was betting against the company and shares are down another one percent this morning we get details from bloomberg's charlie pellett incites potential privacy regulations it said it was taking a short position in twitter stock the firm pointed toward the criticism of rival social network facebook after reports that a political consulting firm improperly gained access to the personal data of fifty million facebook users charlie pellett bloomberg daybreak thanks charlie shares of facebook fill five percent or yesterday's sell off their down another one percent in early trading concerns are mounting the company's data scandal and now we're learning that the ceo mark zuckerberg could soon make his way to capitol hill bloomberg's sarah frier reports now i have sources telling me that he has decided he will testify the dates are still in flux but certainly zuckerberg is going to try to come out and reassure everyone that face book has their best interests in mind when it comes to their data and make sure that these sort of establish with congress what they know and don't know about the cambridge analytic scandal among other things so you spoke is also scrapping plans to unveil do home products that developer conference in may that's according to people familiar with the matter.

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