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Uh contest yeah this is like oh tongues in but holes like i've told yeah no like in some cooking the the cows blood whole is a delicacy but like i'm sure it tastes great i'm sure it does but like not for me now so like like i'm not the most adventurous guy especially now let only meet riot but a europe uh something for everybody well i'd like aside from ordering some like some of the igc a cow dung like our way that and i know it's not that much different than eating you know the cows legs or whatever but were bottle more bottle but a but like i'll be grow at eating it do they ever make the cows utters and anything milk and they don't make utters into it comes out a little bit there's probably a little bit of utter emit request some belt some scab is there something what's white plenty of to say scabs while how what else would come off the others milk that well that was my first answer um the i i order what i know and like i saw no enough like high school spanish to know what to stay away from like a yoyo crazy spicy stuff and buttonholes um but i've never been disappointed like i've never ordered uh taco or berido or into latah or any other type of thing that i have uh been like that was in very good right like i know i know the different i know one something's really good but i feel like mexican food is of like uh an entire cuisine that's pizza.

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