Secretary Eugene Scalia, Kevin Harvick, Scott Fox discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


In New York City today, they're moving ahead with Phase three of re openings. But the labor secretary is optimistic. Secretary Eugene Scalia, appearing exclusively on Fox News Sunday, said the nearly five million jobs gained in June show the economy is on the way back. He does warn that Corona virus is still with us. We have to keep an eye on that. I believe that we can continue to reopen our workplaces safely. Our workplaces can be very safe Places to be, Scalia says. That's because the nation is better equipped to deal with this new surge with more equipment and hospital capacity, but masks and distancing remain important. Griddle. Scott Fox News on Wall Street, a rallies brewing coming up the long holiday weekend, down futures up nearly 400 points. There is worry about the Corona virus surgeon in Arizona spreading across the border. People in the town of annoyed in Mexico just across the border from Lukeville, Arizona, were so concerned about the recent influx of Cove in 19 cases that they briefly blocked the main road connecting the two cities this weekend. Annoyed is Mayor Jose Ramos, Tarzan so US tours shouldn't visit Mexico and other Americans should on Lee Cross for essential activities. Locals followed suit by blocking the road with their cars. Rob Dawson Fox News, the NASCAR track Coming out of Turn four. Kevin Harvick is going to see the checkered flag wins again at the Brickyard. That's the call on NBC Sports. Kevin Harvick is the Cup points leader. On the golf course.

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