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San Francisco Oakland San Jose cumulus stations crash victims travelers beware in order to set the wreckage of a chore helicopter was founded later the remains of six of seven people on board in an area that's the most rugged and remote coastlines in a white the helicopter crashed at the top of the mountain on the island the quasi just Karen Maginnis is travelers especially in the upper plains states need to prepare for a winter storm making way from southern California east this weekend but I got IT situation across western sections of Nebraska but just wait that's going to change over to snow fall and northern sections of north and South Dakota that's where we're going to see the heaviest snow fall in American defense contractor was killed and several U. S. and Iraqi troops were wounded today in a rocket attack officials say the attack involved as many as thirty rockets fired at the Iraqi military compound near Kerr Polk city mayor bill de Blasio says the police presence has been increased in Brooklyn neighborhoods with large Jewish populations after a string of possible anti semitic attacks there've been some really disturbing incidents here in Brooklyn and of course this week a seven different alleged hate crime incidents that make us feel very very pained I feel pain in an interview with the des Moines register editorial board former vice president Joe Biden made it clear that he would not comply subpoena this part of president trump's Senate impeachment trial Biden said no when it issues with the job he did as vice president not a single person.

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