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The maps go to a nine based on the classic Jack London novel originally published in nineteen oh three the call of the wild is pretty much true to the book seed ventures of the many lines of a giant Saint Bernard Cauley during the gold rush of the late eighteen hundreds first the big mischief filled pooches snatched from his comfortable home in the city transported to the Yukon worries pressed into the hard life as part of a pack of sled dogs transporting the mail through the harshest of conditions when that ends he finds himself as a companion to our hermit like loner played by Harrison Ford within crazy about people but he loves his new four legged companion both are searching for something missing in their lives this is got a great family film written all over it except for one major problem all of the animals and some of the backgrounds in this movie are computer generated and it looks at the movement is exaggerated and unrealistic the dogs facial expressions often look human in one scene the dogs playing harmonica the little kids probably won't notice they were too busy talking and screaming during the screening that I went to anyway but anyone above the age of twelve will notice that things just don't look right I found it incredibly distracting and wondered what was so wrong with the long tradition of trained animals doing amazing things why is he must be spinning in their graves kids ask your parents who Lassie was this one's a dean's list the on stage the drilling theater brings the musical American in Paris to life now through March twenty ninth a live stage version of men are from Mars women are from Venus said the.

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