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Talk to some of his former co workers too. Dr Kevin Campbell in studio with us. We'll get back to Michael questions momentarily. The rock apparently is in trouble. You know, he looks a lot like Ross in. What sense, you know? He's spelt, bald spelt. I Russell expelled because he's wearing a Lucci door mask. He has hair. Really creepy. So apparently, so people are very upset because the rock has been cast to play. John Henry, do you? Remember, the the John Henry? John Henry, John Henry was the guy who could drive a single railroad spike with one swing of his hammer. Okay. Okay. But the lineage of John Henry is the folk story goes is that of a he's he's black. Okay. And the rock is not black enough. Okay. Lord. Even though obviously if you were to envision a live action version, although we've seen a couple of live action. John Henry's over the years, you would arguably point to the physique of the rock as being appropriate. Right. That's why I thought Ross play that too, right? Makes sense doesn't make sense. It's not. Something you would expect uneducated person to say. So yes, sir, basically due to the quote questionable lineage of Dwayne the rock Johnson whose father I mean, it's I don't know how questionable. It is. His father was the a trail-blazing black wrestler who broke color barriers as he has described. And his grandfather was a very famous Samoan wrestler. What was his dad's name rocky right was rocky Johnson? But he's to light skinned. And and you know, they point to other actors who think it'd be good including and an actor. I liked is Mike Colter your watch Luke cage. No, you should. That's that's Luke cage is one of the better marvel t- series. It's on Netflix. Okay. Password. But in this case, the the rock apparently is unacceptable. So just know that that's a controversy. All right to the phones. Here we go Corey you're up first. Good morning. Alcohol level. Three. Who would that? Will Greer's like.

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