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So much news discuss. It has been a week. Even though there's been so much going on in the world, beauty doesn't stop it so I up in the week following George Floyd's murder here in the United States has protests unfolded around the world, the beauty and fashion industry was having its own reckoning rightfully so and we're all taking a closer look at how racism permeates the way we do business. We're doing that here at fat Mascaro, as well one change we saw. saw that we thought was really interesting. It was a call to action from designer. Aurora James so she's a fashion designer, but on her instagram she was asking American retailers. People like sephora target saks fifth avenue lot of the places. We all shop for beauty to play fifteen percent of their shelf space to black owned businesses, which was if that doesn't make sense to you if you're not in the United States, says because in America the population is about fifteen percent black. And I thought that was a really interesting way to put your money where your mouth is like. We can't just be talking about how we want to be better in the future if you can do hard numbers of. Sharing Black beauty businesses. That's a really great way to help. Move this conversation forward. Yeah, I like that it was very actionable, and it's something that you can see and it gives people an actual him at work. They talk about like a smart goals, and you know it's an actionable like quantifiable thing, and there's a lot of lip service happening right now and I. Think a lot of it is you know people mean well? But what are you going to do about it and we should say here at fat, Mascara we two been thinking about it? So Jessica I val to going forward continue to show a diversity of voices in the interviews that we. We do here and also increase the number of black-owned beauty businesses that we talk about so when we talk about products, we're not always calling out who the founder is, but working to do our best in the future to make sure that we're really diverse with the types of brands that we feature and just let you know about more small indie brands that could use your dollars right now. A lot of you have been asking. Where can we shop for black on beauty or on the facebook group There's an amazing thread going on with a lot of guys sharing black on PD brands you love that love. That's great. I wanted to wreck you to. Jen and I can certainly rattle off some great brands right now, but I really WANNA share. Whoa, Ma Minted Lauren. NAYPYIDAW should I stop. I really WANNA share our friend Julie Wilson's lab. Great instagram highlight reel while his name is familiar Julie Wilson was Jen's Guest Co.. When I wasn't. Available one day she is fantastic. She is the former essence beauty and style director. Now she is the cosmic beauty director congratulations Julie, she just got the job a couple of months ago a she has this highlight reel of almost two hundred right now. This over the Dave cowens was two hundred black own beauty fashion businesses. All small brands definitely shopped the highlight reel Julie Wilson is at Miss Julie M. I.. I. S. S., J., U., l., E. Good. Her real is right there. You know what else just I should add as an update on. She did adjust beauty version of this for cosmopolitan dot com with one hundred and twenty-five, so we can link to that on the Blab. That was one hundred twenty-five black-owned beauty brand batteries go on instagram. Lots of resources that follow her too because she's a really good. Absolutely, so check it out. I think you're going to be seeing a lot of brands. Really kind of get with the program and I think they really all are having a good hard look at themselves. If they if they're. They're paying attention. US included okay, next up is the my French is burberry's new global beauty director, so she's a makeup artist very artistic, like just like abstracts amazing stuff. She's worked with YSL in the past, she was also with Tom Ford beauty as a creed of artists consultant at one point. Even she's worked with Christian Lubaton to now. She's at burberry. Let's see what she does there. You know what's interesting about Samaya French. I think she's really ushered in that very kind of. Let's say like ugly beauty. Beauty, that is not necessarily meant to seduce or impress grotesque. Yes, it's makeup that isn't like enhancing your features makeup making a statement and looks artistic. She is a really cool aesthetic. So watch what she does at burberry okay engender. Science Corner had to I. Just read this really interesting study. This was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology so there was a survey of people with psoriasis in China during the covid nineteen pandemic there and the quarantine, and they found that that resulted in people, psoriasis, having negative effects on both their skin, their skin condition the. The psoriasis and their mental health, so part of the problem was that people weren't working, so they didn't have money to to pay for a lot of their psoriasis treatments, but a corrected for that, and they still found that there was a impact from the pandemic and the thinking. Is that It was partially because people weren't having outdoor access, and they were more stressed, and that's what you know played up the psoriasis. I feel like this is something we'll be talking about with our guest in the interview. So if that's intriguing to you definitely keep listening through the interview. another news item earlier, this spring, America's first native American beauty brand opened in window rock Arizona with a storefront I should say all of its employees are from the Navajo nation and the company beauty makes skincare and makeup I actually read about this company to feature in beauty. Independence linked to that on the blog but I love how the owner. Her name is a sake bottle of France SASSARI and she describes the products this way, which is just I just like smiling when I read this, the quotas quote our skincare line is ninety eight percent botanically based gentle yet effective life is already complicated, and my goal is to make sure our products are uncomplicated easy.

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