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Less work meant. Less work. Yeah. Yeah. Dad was like, ooh, that's done. What next? You know what I was like, hey, come on. We finished that we got done today and it's only eleven, and this is awesome. In in. So it's a muscle that we've got to build. So some people they need, what's? What are you building towards? What is it that you wanna accomplish? And maybe that's the issues you haven't had that, you know, sit yourself in the corner and figure out, okay, what is it that I want to build? What's the thing that I want accomplish? An accountability partner will help a great deal with that, and it doesn't have to be a big deal. You know, it doesn't have to be anything like monumental in the eyes of the world. But for you, it could be very significant. Yes. And to me, you're speaking to motive. When I hear such things I generally have found, the motivation is just not big enough and easings grow the motive or or let it go. I mean, sometimes I've realized that with me, there's things that I want to want, but I just don't really and I don't enough. I don't have a big enough motive. I don't have enough big enough desire, big enough pain to want to do them. And there have been times when I've just let it go and go, they know it would be great to want that. I just don't. I do want some other things though, but to Johnny's saying there, I would venture to say and there's there's a lot of folks sitting in a place of wanting to want more, but they don't. I would. I would have you look at? There's a lot of shows here a lot of talk about goals and visions and what you want further head to look ahead and say, where do you wanna be in five years where you, where are you not. Okay. If you don't, if you don't get to where. Are you not okay to continue in the way that you are and just really look at that motive? I think a lot of us try thousand different things when nothing's gonna work because our motive is just not big enough. And so there's the place to start. I think for a lot of us a lot of things, you know, Kevin, we had a business discussion yesterday about. The the eighteen to thirty five year olds. And one of the motives is, you know, they would rather have a business that they could do anywhere in the world. And they're happy making sixty seventy eighty thousand dollars. Instead of what the culture says, hey, you need to be making six figures and up. They've they've, they're happier making, say, seventy five thousand dollars living in a place like Costa Rica or Bali and having the lifestyle they want. But there's so much pressure to get the house payment, get the SUV payment, you know, get cable. Do all these other things. Maybe it's coming to the realization that what motivates you isn't exactly what the norm is, but as the norm, right. Sometimes we just do nothing because if we go for what we want, we think too many people are going to look down on it and go. I don't understand you're wrong. And that's not at all what it's about. I really think the only thing that's consistent, no matter what your motive is is, hey, we've got a, we've gotta develop into the person. God created us to become, and that is a self personal development journey that has, you know, there aren't any dollar signs on either side of that. That's really a commitment of time and effort. Right hand live in this out right now with a daughter eighteen year old daughter who just graduated high school. She excelled in everything. Four point -o top of the class top of her singing group choir group top of this. And that. I mean, just, I mean, she's she's perfect for that big college endeavor. And yet she doesn't want to go. She doesn't want to go right now. It's just not she. She's a, she's. As an entrepreneur at heart doesn't want to go. She loves the art and yet she struggling right now today the last few days as her boyfriend..

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