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Dj his hero moment everybody gets a hero moment sonya's early on when she takes out cain oh this is janis when he takes out goro linden ashby is my favorite actor in this movie his characterization his riley lines is humor everything about him is mediocre i think he really is the harrison ford of this trio now again i've grading on a curve here well you really are i just can't believe that you're going to give this star wars glow i would make the johnny cage of motor combat story prequel i'm really liking linden ashby so much i walked out of there wanting to be johnny cage but liu king is our hero he's our luke skywalker he doesn't act as well he's not as fun but he does get a fight with reptile that's pretty awesome once reptile becomes human yeah the deal was cut the final fight is going to be in the outland and that means rate in can't come so these two have to go off in their own and the point is is that it was a world like earth that was depleted because they lost ten rounds of mortar combat so this is what we will become and the scene with reptile the fight against the cgi creature was always there but when lukac through them in that body he was just going to be trapped there and that was the end of the fight the second fight which is the best fight in the entire movie against human reptile was the other pickup shot to increase the amount of fighting here and i'm so glad they did and the producer of this i mentioned laura.

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