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I call them lozo because his name lee nikolos you know i am like milosa this shot i'm like yeah his energy just rubs off on all of us so when he does what i beg it's fired up yeah coach loves it when he hits the three you know what i'm saying and that's underwrite apart plan with some semtex eddie houses like that and the whole team got fire those guys can like i want nick to do so well just because he's nick young yeah you know what i'm saying i want even miami and mike miller eddie house you want those guys that do so well because you just really love who they are like this today if you watch when he made it his that's the sixers going just really really appreciate them because you know where they come from you know like their path in the league and you just want them to do so well that's underwrite apart a game like the guys like nick nick young like you really enjoy when they make shots and they play well because you know as you just they just make you happy you expect clayton shots and stuff and dream on me you know saying you expect us to his shots you see nick young quinn cook on the caspi javale mcgee play well it's just like i'm just so happy for these guys you know what i'm saying that's his underwriter part planning nba you guys being the champs this year going into buildings was it any different than last year.

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