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Did you like again, let you did it Samson's vomits, confirm or deny it, make sure that everyone from work your way invited was not posting anything on this. Social accounts for juices, John Johnson, God love him a lot for the new human beings in any of them. Just like I'm at a Bom. It's for his the ceiling speech. You made Samson's farm. It's was very moving. I mean, you cried through most of it, but it was very moving speech. What did you do a similar speech of just. Just. Lights that was the whole space. I hope we publish it in full in the news. Let's that would be on the lifesaving tilling to Stamford Bridge. So Chelsea to Man United to and Josie Marino returns to the managerial octagon that is Stanford bridge and the technical area there of, you know, it's going to pop off after twenty. First minute Ruediger snap header gave Chelsea. The lead United stormed back rubs behind two second-half major lazer's from Antony Maciel. But in the sixth minute of injury time frauds also good. None other than the russet Tron Barclay smashed home a rebound it was like a second rebound tie the game. I'm prompted a sideline skirmish that we will bisect in hypothetical detail here shortly in the end, Chelsea remain unbeaten but full of city and livable's pace United. Meanwhile on fourteen points through nine games, they are intent place to the dramatic reversal of fortune. Let's say. The nipple ting drama. The was that Newcastle victory Jochen Maria, Anna pre all international break into whether a salty time as just wore Nikon it United player after another took to the airwaves and Italy lumber them. They Miller them. I mean, most noticeably legendary midfielder pool schools derided Lukac suggested pct was wildly inconsistent and claim. This is just the must have been in the bath and just snapped up and said, I've got, I've got it even little messing would struggle to shine renews beleaguered fan. If only Joe tickets team playing Hof as well as a Premier League right as they because they pitched him right into battle against him, beaten Chelsea at Stanford bridge and you you, Dave. Oh, you with that. What was him is feeling this would host international break. Football is always a slightly with time people sort of getting back into it, not quite knowing what's respect as a lot of drama. Josie, marina returning to stamps, bridge roads, but also little cuddly one matter. Returning Lukac, Lukaku wheels wheel. Turn me so many wills within wheels. And so it was a fairly tame atmosphere. Chelsea as it often as United came out and foursome got to hand it to those fans all the way from Guilford. They, they, they, they sang this song's. They put up a good show. I looked early on to see if Man United. We're gonna really play for their manager. 'cause you're right over the international break. There will. Highly into him. And yet they did come out and they played quite hard and they play physical. Lukaku. I thought he was the Man United mascot when he ran on the field because he is so enormous. He really a lot of waffles over the international break Rudge. He was looking enormous, but Man, United came out and play mini van. Yeah, absolutely. Gritty. You know what it may gonna sorest say a great tactical idea, Joe safe, you're listening. Only right now. It wasn't Rupa story. It was first off nineteen seventy ish style GIC. Tribute for ball played with little space. Lots of kicking lumps of anyone who came there, especially eaten his of Eden, love Eden, China, not miss rightly -ness of eating smothering him play coiled on the counter. Chelsea low more energy law at catalyze by Joe Genia and that say, you know, it's tactics mothering as coiled on the counter work pre well until the twenty first minute when yeah, again, and this is possibly the most earn Marino statistic of all time. United conceding from set pieces used to be a marine, but his now. So bloody routine, Chelsea corner and what happened. They've just Man United completely and utterly failed to defend. It was surreal watching it come in just surreal. They just just watch to get free and you're like, okay, who's going to go with him going..

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