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Our end on FM you can jump in there. And you can talk about whatever you want with our other listeners some of whom are libertarians some of whom aren't it's an open, forum for chat and. It's free and it's there around the clock discord dot dot FM we were talking with David in New Mexico who is telling about we're talking about kind of police people who are in impersonating the police and the, fear that some Legitimately. Have when it's one thing? You're getting pulled over by an, actual cop who might beat. You, within, an, inch, of your life, and, then, there's. Also the concern that you. Might be getting pulled over by somebody who's not a cop who might do who, knows what to you so you're, telling, us a story about when you were getting pulled. Over in an area in which had you pulled over immediately. You would have been alone with this person who you weren't sure if it was an actual. Cop so you dialed up, nine one one and connected to a dispatcher and can continue driving onto an area that you said was, at least a mile. Or so away that you knew would be more populated would be like a lighted parking lot potentially some people around to witness tell us more about that situation please Yeah I knew. There was a twenty four hour gas station that would be there would be people looking right up the window watching the whole thing and it would. Be all lip and there was literally no, nothing else that was lighted or populated between her you remember this whole two miles remember that this guy on my tail was able to clearly see my license plate and get all kinds of. Information about me driving in a nice normal manner and I was on the phone with the dispatcher and she was trying to find the sky and. Having a problem doing it I find out later in the news after the fact that the the the Albuquerque police department and. The bernalillo county sheriff's department that work the same territory the dispatcher their systems were not in this. In this half century into the space age that we are their communication system were such that there was not a real good connection between what the sheriffs were doing and what they what a PD was doing and when you called and got, a dispatcher I happen to get, the one that worked for APD. And She basically was incommunicado with the sheriff's department and Was. Was on my tail and. So I get down I get to that gas I get to that. Gas station and I pull in the parking lot, and just as I pull in the parking lot the cavalry, arrives from every direction comes a sheriff's department unit and they all, they surround me and, jump out of their cars like four of them and they all. Pull their guns out and point them at me and Right He didn't do fast enough. Mark? Right that's what it comes down. To, yeah let's let's also remember that the official policy that if some young woman feels the in. Jeopardy, Yup that she has the right to do exactly what I was. Doing that's. True, yes And of course as a as a mayo I don't. Count? Young women have the right to. Do, this and are encouraged to do that if they feel uneasy departments will often say things like. This, when right after there's been an incident of a police officer demanding. A beach. For You know pulling some gal over whatever right so they're pointing their guns that..

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