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Mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios. So did you miss it now. We thought that the show would lead off. Tucker carlson tonight with this interview with jerry eshelman but no it did not instead. It was the final segment of the hour. Long show so just in case you missed it. Well thank you. Ryan kelly for working with me this morning. We do have that clip of that interview in its entirety Courtesy of fox news. Here's resurrection christian school superintendent. Jerry eshelman who appeared on tucker carlson tonight just last night. Millions of students across this country are being forced to wear masks in school. Even though the science does not support that mandate or even come close. Kids are at low risk for getting the virus and very few have gotten very sick from it. They don't transmit it very effectively either. But it's happening across the country and parents in most places have zero. Say in the matter. They're not consulted but resurrection christian school in loveland. Colorado is giving parents that choice for the crime of doing that. Officials at larimer county department of public health are threatening to close the school down to shut it down jury. Excellent is the headmaster resurrection christian. And we're happy to have him join especially when. Thanks so much for coming on so. I know that you're being all kinds of being called. What kinds of names anti mask anti-science. Just explain it in a sentence or two what you're proposing if you would we're proposing the radical idea of allowing parents to make medical decisions for their children and we feel that a mask is a medical decision. We're not anti mask pro mask. We're not anti vaccination pro vaccination well. We are tucker is pro parent that seems like the most reasonable possible position the essential position for any school so for saying that out loud. You're challenging the orthodoxy. What are they trying to do to you. Well what is basically happening is when you have a certain number of cova cases and as a result then they didn't move in with their mask mandate the county is not itself under a mask mandate but when you have a certain number of cases they call that an outbreak and then they required the group to which the outbreak was defined. They require that group to mask up. Well the challenge has been that the county has not been following their guidance. In some cases we had a small outbreak in our sixth grade and they came back and they said you know what we see some cases here and there around the school what we just want you to mask up the whole school and we push back and we said that's not what your guide says your guidance says it's defined to that group so we've had to push back find out. Alternatives clarify things with him to make sure that they're it's very clear on as far as what we have to do. And when we have to do it but there is a gross amount of overreach in opinion so just to clarify terms when you see outbreak. You're not talking about deaths or hospitalizations. You're talking about positive. Test results correct. That's correct. larimer county defines..

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