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Is it most fault? Is there more Moshe should be doing? And if so, what should Moby doing. If you sing. Like I've not made connections with enough people feel like it's kind of obvious that it is his fault, and I'd be the first defend mo- I think he's the guy that's kind of like not as like in your face in like, you see, clearly see with quasi. He's type of human till. I kind of just go talk to a girl and spit his game. It doesn't seem like MOS like that. So I think this just environment he might have expected to come to him a bit more when in reality he's the one who has to go out and and find a girl and make she's interested in spit game. And I feel like that's just not him. So I do think as much as I'd like to not blame, I'm going to blame on this one. See, it's hard for me. I would totally blame up into this episode and I totally agree with your sentiment, but. Ticks swing. This episode he gets, we'll talk about the change of button, but Mogi opportunity going date. He takes swing. He chooses Kayla and on the boat and shocking that he can get a word out despite Kayla's motion sickness. She seems to be enjoying the vote, but. He's saying things about, are you saying like your great woman? I think you're beautiful. He's he's giving, you know, he's, he's given his. He's got Mo-jo on this date and it happens to be that it's too little too late. It happens to be that Kayla can't be pulled from Cam, but I don't think that he's doing nothing in this nation. The true, you're right. I do think that I'm not sure if this was maybe the first time mo- kind of put himself out there, but he's not like awkward Ray like he's not like this weird guy who just off to himself and just doesn't want to talk to gross like he's clearly doing fine on the date. And I know you're, you're probably right with them. Kaelin her motion sickness situation shoes super. Like into the dolphins as you probably couldn't even focus on MO, and I will even before most that by the way about her being really into dolphins, I was also pretty confused how excited she was about these dolphins. Was this alarming to you too, that she was super excited. About these dolphins? Yeah, it's part of her personality. It's not my thing, but I see people find it. Adorable question. We're. I'm going to be honest if I was in a day with someone and they saw a dog in the park, we're all report and they sort of freaking out. But the dog I think I would doubt would be I don't know why. Just think that's not my type of human to get out excited over something like you really have no control over. I don't know, just my two cents, but the. Yeah, I feel like we're similar in that sense. So I was also going to say that I think it's like cameras to Donald Trump as Kayla's the dolphins. That's that kind of feel like if you saw if camps, oh, Trump going through the waters going up and down. He'd freak out just like that. That's grand. I want to say something loud, so I just told him the energy today for just. You can't you and Cam. That's pretty good. So yeah, before it gets the main part of the date and the fate, the twist of fate this week butts real quick. So snoot and Brett are I think, pretty adorable. Bread, can't shake Kelly. Do you think that Newt says should be. Feel any type of way about this or like, I'm surprised we're not getting anything from into this whole episode of like while I'm gonna move on, if Bret doesn't want me for shows. I would say yes..

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