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Would suggest that the champ is probably like a said, gonna bring foals. Yeah, that would be your competition. And then if it doesn't work, you could walk away from both the end of the year. If Adam Peters were to come in That would probably be the worst case for lock. That would probably be depending on how Adam feels about this quarterback class. But that's really Adam Specialty. Where is with Peter with Kelly? It's really not Um with spy tech. Oh, I don't know. I honestly don't know the answer to that One eaters would probably the end of Lago. I would, I would. I would honestly suggest that Zach Wilson would probably be the preferred Just based on knowing what I know about Peter's. That would probably be the preferred guy. Okay, So Peter's Who's more of a college guy, their college scouting background? Of course, he'd be more interested potentially to reset their with a young quarterback. That would be his guy, right? Where is your talking about? Maura of a pro scouts there in Kelly. He might opt to run it back for a year and see how things go and get a get a little bit of a lay of the land more so than to do that, too, because he's got the relationship falls is there with the Bears right now is all that kind of stuff. Pulls has a previous relationship with Pat Shurmur dating back their time. Philadelphia s O Fools just makes the most sense out of all that for for that scenario, Okay. Next question here. Speaking of Justine Simons is we were talking about him. What are the chances? He re signs with this new GM. What about von Miller? What about Shelby Harris? So kind of asking about all three guys. Humans in the are a phase earlier, and that's obviously one of the big decisions they have to make right off the bat with Phillip Lindsay and Alexander Johnson and Tim Patrick. But yes, Justine Simons. That's probably the number one thing that has to be decided. Shelby Harris is in the mix there. And then yeah, von Miller some pretty massive decisions, and it comes back to something we were discussing before right. It's beginning to show just like there's Ah lot of people worried right off the bat on. Oh, my gosh, This new GM is gonna come in a completely different philosophy with the draft and sort of so forth. It's like Hey, listen. They've got some major decisions to make about their own roster before they even get there. Yeah, On gets the thing like you. You do need to go and check if like we talked about the R face, right, you gotta make who How And who are you gonna tender there? Because Who can you afford to lose? Who can you afford to keep it? Those prices? You know, who are you willing to let test the market and they go if they need to. Tim Patrick, unfortunately, probably falls in that original round tender. Category. Just based on the death that wide receivers chap, eh? So you probably tender Lindsay and Alexander Johnson a second round tenders. On. Then you start to look around at the other options that you got here. You know you do You need to figure out Shelby Harris. You're gonna be okay. Justine Simons. He's gonna get paid by somebody is gonna be here. I mean, it's homegrown. So there's a lot of pieces and a lot of parts that you need to look at before you even get to the draft function of this. And to be honest with you. A new general manager coming in probably isn't going to clean house on scouts and and down roster guys until after the draft because you've already started the momentum on this and this is a covert. You're on top of this, so you're probably going to trust in what you've already seen from internally from your guys over there. Let's say, Let's say it's Chambliss just hypothetically. Your guys in Chicago? You're gonna marry that up with the data that you know. From here in Denver and go from there, then you clean house after the draft. That's when the season starts for front office guys after draft and certainly you also have to believe the vic Fangio's voice in this matters Absolutely often times it isn't necessarily up to the head coach. But in this case, you're giving some power to the head coach to help select The next GM of this team, So I have to imagine that Vic Fangio was a guy pounding the table to keep justice. Seven. Justine Simons to stay in. Yeah, and and he will be well say he will be. Vic Fangio will be back pounding the table at the Justin definitely staying. I think as the new general manager, you have to come in and way. How you going to do this? Do you tag Justine Simmons again? Knowing that he may not play on it. He was really just it was willing and vocal about playing on the tag the first time, right? But second time might not necessarily be that case and officially maybe burned some bridges. That would suggest that if they tag him and don't reach a deal that just will never come back to Denver. I would suggest that that would be The way you need to think about this. Yeah, and the tag is Listen, Players have different feelings on the tag. Some players like a good pay me the gig because it was like watching. Yeah, I'll take two of those Thank you. And everybody else is like I hate this. You know, whatever, but you stand to make more money on it. If you get tagged twice and then get the big deal afterwards. You stand to make more money, but it could be stressful. I mean, you think about this, we're thinking about it in different terms. You're talking about a guy who's gonna feed his family for life. This is not the money that he's gonna make over the next six years. The term limit for these Opportunities for these players is not very long as we know. So, yeah, Another couple questions coming in about Justine Simons because it did seem a the end of his press conference today with the media is about 17 minutes long, and he got there A T and sort of thanking the media and, you know, seemingly as though he was headed out the door. I wouldn't read too much into that. Honestly read too much into that yet that I've been there for those conversations. I've been in the locker room with those conversations when they're thinking the media. Sometimes it does end up where they do leave, like, Remember when Chris Harris was thanks The media. We all knew we knew what was going on. So that was that was a genuine like that. This one is genuine, for sure, but understanding that there's still There's still things in motion that you know, Justin. They want him back like they really do want him back. Sure, changing things up with the GM like change a little bit there, But I think the overall direction and I keep wanting to emphasize that the overall direction with the organization is trying to do. That's why they're maintaining with Vic Fangio. That's why they're keeping things the patch. Shermer because there was a direction results haven't got there yet. But there's a culture thing that's happening that they do like the direction of and that's why they don't want to reset everything. If they're resetting everything, I throw it all up in the air. I say I don't I don't really know what's gonna happen here with Justine Simons. If it was John Elway stepping away completely and not being a part of this thing. It's tough to know they may you know, the next team comes in, says I don't view you as a top three safety in the league. At least I'm not gonna pay you like one and we're gonna move on. But I don't think that's gonna be the case because I think with John Elway and Vic Fangio staying here. That is going to Make the Broncos want to make that work out. The theme of running it back. Seems a bit defeated. If you're going to let your best player walk. Yeah, exactly right. I mean, in the end that that's just what it boils down to you to me, and I'll say, you know, we know a limited you know, a little bit from each side of the house on this from the Broncos, and from from Justin, I I think that they weren't that far apart last year. I know. I think the I think the team was a little over half a million per year light. Real close. Yeah..

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