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And maybe that's where we're going here in New York as well. Very well be 25 rebounds for Andre Drummond with Joel embiid now out. Yeah. That's a master performance even though they did drop that one. Let's finish up by talking a little Lakers and hornets exciting game. Unfortunately, from my perspective, it became very exciting. The Lakers again blowing a big lead in the fourth quarter. One of the craziest moments I think we'll see this year in a game 5 consecutive free throws for lamella ball. That was you had two free throws for a foul. And then you had a delay of game and two technicals led to 5 free throws in a row for lamella ball to cut the Lakers lead to four late in the game and then the hornets came back and took it to OT. Yeah, absolutely. It was this was the Anthony Davis without LeBron. He was absolutely dominant on both ends of the floor. This was maybe one of the best defensive games I've seen him play since the Bible box. I just thought he just yeah, I just controlled everything too. He was switching out the guys on the perimeter doing just really wrecked everything. Charlotte wanted to do for a very long period of time. And this one, Russ did not shoot it well, but he was still put his stamp on the game with 14 assists. I thought he did a good job of pushing pace at times in this one, kind of catching the hornets almost at their own game. And then mellow again, you know, we talked about if it wasn't for Tyler hero, he'd probably be the 6th man of the year. He's just been that good off to bench 9 to 13. Now I have to say this. Anthony Davis's comments on Melo after the game, what are you talking about? Everybody gave up on this guy. No one wanted to give him a chance and look at what he's doing with us. One, Portland gave him a chance, and he did this kind of stuff in Portland. They would have happily have kept him, and it but he wanted to join the Lakers and that's his choice. And that's the right thing to say. But you could have given him this chance two years ago and you didn't. So let's not make it out like the Lakers were the savior of Carmelo Anthony here. Come on. Portland did the work. It's getting a little we're creating a narrative that doesn't exist. I mean, I get it. I didn't see the postgame comments yet because I frankly, I got my audio done and I went to bed right after that thing ended..

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