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But splitting the two games. That cleveland winning the series of pittsburgh. Two out of three now heading for four straight against the rockies. Just go back to the standings currently the rockies dead last in the west thirteen and twenty four san francisco is your first place team again. They're coming to cincinnati next week for four at twenty two and fourteen twenty one seventeen two games back or the padres san diego the aw l. A. dodgers of la twenty and seventeen arizona. Seventeen and twenty with waiting. Five out of six games against the reds. And then there's colorado this is a colorado team. Not too bad at home in lebanon ted but away from denver a putrid two and fourteen and the rockies do not come in to cincinnati a may. We might find that out later. I don't forget. You're starting pitchers for thursday lewis. Castio gets bumped up. He's looking for as old four one win four losses and he are a of a very elevates civic forty-two twenty six k going against chichi gonzalez who struggled with the first battles of the innings this year sixteen thirty his face to have reached base a string and miss pitch to end long at bats is the correction. He needs if you look at the previews mike. Stock is one for three against gonzales dixon. Zealous to for two. And you hate you suarez as one for three with a home run into. Rbi's and jesse winker is over two. That's it shogo akiyama. Who was back from his stint with the alternate the alternate sites. Tucker bart's never faced g gonzales. Alex blandino has a castanos. Hasn't farmer india day quid antilock. Stevenson have not on the other side. You had that adams who is a chilly. One for ten. Against louis castio charlie blackmon three of six to rbi's on a home run ilias d. As i believe that is three eight. He's banning three seventy five against luiz custodio. Garrett hamson for three ryan mcmahon for two trevor story over three and rival. Tapioca is what that before. Six with a home run in an rbi. So that's your batters facing those pitchers have starting that four game series at colorado so now colorado is really going through a lot of changes bryant. The course he let himself go and really. People are dying. Trevor stories like. Where's the shortstop going next. It's obvious that colorado's probably going to deal him but we don't know anything on that. Although the reds were one of five teams that would be picked as a better fit for the shortstop. And you know. I don't know how that would all transfer down just because of the fact think about now. You got suarez. That took over shortstop and kyle farber there too. When swore the shortstop you can go back the third which right now is giovanna out for pretty much all may maybe a little bit of june with that broken thumb. He's out so who do you put their could come into play second if need be to help alleviate the crowded outfield scene which that's another thing to talk about as well reds have won six of the last ted and currently have scored the most runs in the central at one hundred seventy eight and while giving up one hundred seventy. That is the most in the.

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