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Uh let's see we're going to wrap things up because we have to get out of here in twelve minutes so we can get to mr paul third routes and windows weekly were to find out about those new arm laptops crack wifi pech coming in december two pixels annex ii that's important make sure you get i hope you're getting those regular patches a monthly patches in the december pat should be out any day now or may actually maybe it is out of k i haven't seen it yet but i i should check but we will be check by pixel too when did have come out yesterday don't they always commit on tuesday no no that's window microsoft lancer for soft nevermind i wish google were the consistent at it isn't though is is kind of usually in the first couple of weeks of the month but you you never really know system update oh you know i'm on the uh a point one beta so i don't know if i will be a good test of that your ice currently only habit of ever fifth security pashto yet have as an ally style at yeah uh just check and make sure we got everything before we run you guys have any stories you really want to get in here did you see the virtual cats have you bought virtual cats are you going to buy virtual gats yes now no i mean yes i had not heard about them but yes i will buy the crypto kitties collectible brief this is i think blocked chain is as gone off the rails and uh so this is there is no value to these but people have already spent a million dollars the most expensive kitty right now is one hundred twelve thousand dollars just so you know it's speculation because gambling guys people spend a lot of money on gambling yeah well you may not even enter fun it's not even his father's gable you're just hoping that you can sell it for a higher price than you buy it for some people think that's really fun.

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