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Joe Jack vino play those tunes good morning to Joe good morning Jerry good morning it is going to be crazy I tell you we got to go to Columbus tonight my son actually gets to play in the NHL ice tonight which I'm absolutely stoked about the Saint Xavier hockey team was invited up to Columbus to play Saint Xavier Cincinnati on now so we're going to see the devil's in the blue jackets play tonight well may be gay Steuben for those in hockey circles no one talking about and a former Misha university Michigan player and then my son never said no last night after the game and they called the ice of dreams deals what they do you bring both schools up and then after the game is over you get the ice for an hour and the two teams play game for now which is about the time that it takes to play his level of and we're set to watch how it's from the two thousand fifteen game and I'm like dude you know you're gonna show the ice always all stars right that's were finally some game with them because of work you would go to Nashville a Mike let's just stop so long story short that that aside we have to I was what keep an eye on the weather because we have to drive to Columbus yes as soon as I leave out here today hopefully the wind will be the high yes and I dad CMOS initially my concern was the rain but now it looks like my concern should be the wit and so as we head up there and then pull it up temperatures are gonna drop I mean the bottom is going to fall out so the party to be over so full so to every time you use the call by the way what does things I guess if if you I weird since it's going to be so cold if you had taken the hoses off your your spec it's there you might want to give that a shot to synapse loosely in in any other you know course the pats you've got to remember them because you could leave literally mid day today that's right leave your home and then all of a sudden come back to fifteen to twenty degree weather that's right a night so that's right Gerry because we we haven't had to do know what this time your I think this is the coldest it's gotten all year and as we're talking a week now that said it's going to get warmer as we move into next week but I has met Milosevic this off the air because he's good at long term forecasting yeah because we had all that warm weather it's set up like it did just a few years ago when that that cold air mass slid over our way you'll could we see this arctic cold again yeah let us learn from the past all right you know we live in the Ohio River valley yes hang around fifteen minutes weather will absolutely so what did Max say what he he wasn't willing to go all in on the whole it's going to get cold later thing I think he's kind of waiting to see what things are going to do so I was like alright that was a definite I I didn't get a definite yes it's gonna get freezing cold so I think we're good there I would be really surprised if we don't get a dose of winter here in the next couple weeks agreed yeah generally does not go this long with without some form of the other nature governess a kiss yeah absolutely all right Gerry thanks so much terrible working hard in the news room.

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