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Thirty thirty and get full access to the entire platform listeners say it's a i think it's a month i can't tell here doesn't it doesn't tell me i think it's a month but stapleton thirty thirty thirty try the whole thing for free you can't go wrong and you get a support the show and you do it so go to that right now okay so trump is the guy is always looking for a fight i've just decided this the man just wants just likes it he just likes to get in there and turned the screws on people just to see if he can get him down i watched what was the movie i watch all the money in the world have you seen that movie it's it's about j paul getty okay and about his his son or grandson was kidnapped and it's about his the kidnapping of his grandson and j paul getty was for from what i can tell based on the history and what i know about him was a man just obsessed with wealth and the acquisition of money and control and power and he achieved a great deal out of his life and made millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars and and so in ended up the we have the getty museum here right well after his death what happened was his daughter in law ended up becoming the executive of his estate and she became his executive because his only other living relative his only other child was her husband had been divorced who was drug addict and so the lawyers came out and said ask somebody all of his money is in is in trusts and you can't actually spend any of the money but you can invest it in stuff and so he had invested it in massive amounts of artwork just millions and millions and millions of dollars worth of artwork ed stuff just piled up in in vaults in places that it just stacked in corners and so she ended up taking all of it and donating it all in creating the getty museum that that now is here in in los angeles and if you've been there it's wonderful it's just beautiful the walk through there and and one of the things that i noticed about j paul getty in that i got from the the short bit of research that i did on him after watching the movie was that.

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