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Welcome to the lead on this Monday. I'm Erica Hill in for Jake and we begin with the politics fleet a renewed push from Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer to get documents and witnesses expected Senate impeachment trial. The move comes on the heels of newly released emails which the detail how the effort to freeze aid to Ukraine began. Roughly Ninety minutes after that now infamous July twenty th phone call but as C. N. N.'s Monte Roger Reports Senate Majority Jordy leader Mitch. McConnell says he doesn't expect a resolution to the stalemate until the New Year a new chapter in the fight over President Trump's senate trial while afternoon if Democrats pushed for a slew of documents and Republicans. Continue to wait for the articles of impeachment from the House. Senate majority the Mitch McConnell again today pointing the finger and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi an impasse. We can't do anything until the speaker since the papers over. So everybody buddy enjoy the holidays. Sources say McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have no plans at the moment to talk. After Schumer demanded to the leaders. I agreed to hear from witnesses blocked by the White House and review scores of documents withheld at the president's request. We need documents in a letter to all senators today. Schumer detailed the wide range of documents documents he believes senators must see to conduct a fair trial and so far Pelosi says she needs to see what the Senate process is first before naming managers to prosecute the case ace and before delivering the articles of impeachment to the Senate is that is that the requirement you need to see a fair process before there would be a fair process just as we hope that they uh under the constitution McConnell today pushing back it seems to me a rather absurd position to say after you've impeach. The president won't send the papers over to to the Senate for the impeachment trial mandated by the Constitution but Democrats now have fresh ammunition after a court linked prompted the release of an email showing White House budget official Michael Duffy calling the freeze on military aid to Ukraine. Just ninety minutes after the July phone call which trump urged the Ukrainian president to investigate agape vice president. Joe Biden Schumer demanding. Duffy's testimony if there was ever an argument that we need Mr Duffy to come testify cry. This is that information this email is explosive. Republicans remain reluctant to criticize any any part of trump's conduct. Presence make mistakes. I don't know if this call was a mistake but again I think there are plenty of mistakes have been made by both president. Obama and president trump Regarding Ukraine now in the trial eventually starts the focus will be on whether four Republicans will break ranks and but with Democrats to compel witness testimony but no one is revealing how they'll vote yet and even one in a potentially tough raise Joni Ernst told me she didn't want to hear from Mulvaney John Bolton Erica. She said that should have been the house's job. That's an interesting revelation right there. Minute thank you appreciate it as we look at all of this and where we stand John Avalon these emails that were released over for the weekend. They do offer some new insight into how the aid was withheld and ultimately released. What do they change? Well it's a question of whether Republicans Publican's are going to recognize facts as being something that are important to any decision. They make the news. That motive just broke the Joni Earth senator from Iowa's saying that she doesn't want to hear from witnesses that the house should have done. I think it's stunning considering that. She's got a tough re-election she's in what's traditionally been a swing state and she's saying that she's going to be part of the know nothing thing caucus in the Senate that is studying disturbing the real question is is there any information that could come out. That would open or change. Republicans minds that itself. You've been interesting. No and that's disturbing just from a reason together on behalf of the Republic points monitors reporting that we just heard there about not wanting to hear or from Albania Bolton but also the fact that Democrats were quick to jump on these emails and say well look at this. Look at this connects in terms of the dots. Yet if you step back for a minute it doesn't necessarily say say X. happened there's some reductions and therefore we know exactly what the president's mindset was. This is what forced it to happen. This is exactly how it played out but I think if you did to John's point I'm not sure that would change minds if you've already said the president's going to be acquitted as Mitch McConnell has already said I don't need to hear from many of your witnesses as Joni Ernst has said you've already decided that none of this is impeachable and the president is in innocent. This is a witch hunt so I think I think the idea that this is an impartial neutral exercise on both sides I I will say is naive. This is a performance. It's a performance that have constitutional moral underpinning behind it sure but it's a performance in terms of that and senators on both sides. I just WANNA play a little. But at what Senator Dick Durbin had to say to Dana Bash about senator saying how they plan to vote. Take a listen. I think they've gone to for a you know how can can they hold their hands up and say I swear impartial justice. I'd like to sit at the managers table with the president's team. You can't do that. They shouldn't have done Katelyn. Listen and agree well. They shouldn't they shut that keep. You shouldn't on both sides and yet to Dana's point. They have been doing it now even here Democratic Center Doug Jones saying hey listen I need a little bit more to connect these dots. There's a there's a lot of information already out there that we know and there's more information that may calm if there is a fair trial I think the constitution dictates there should be a fair trial. I mean we don't necessarily want to have a show trial. I think Nancy Pelosi is right to sort of wait till she finds out what what exactly. What exactly is the process? In the army who the impeachment managers will be from the house Now in terms of the Republicans. I think they're difficult position too because if they're going to if they're gonNA go along the lines of say that whatever does they're not gonNA make any they're not gonNa make any reason to the reason to think that there's anything wrong with it and they're going to have to defend that forever. They're going to defend in that through the rest of the year and we know there's GonNa be more trump scandals that are going to come down the what gone the way. This is the guy who started off two days before he took off as you pay twenty five million dollar fraud frauds have a man and just a few days ago. He paid two million dollars settlement of or was responsible for two million dollars settlement so he's got corruption on top of corruption on to have the corruption. They're going to be accountable for and they're going to be held before from from here on out I. We'll find out though depending on what happens right with what everything everything we see in the Senate who's to say I mean you look at those things and you say. The president should be held accountable for the for all of this. If he's not being held accountable at this point I mean what would change Jackson that all of a sudden some other conduct act within get the support. I don't think anything so let's talk politics and let's talk legal right. Generally speaking in my line of business facts matter when you go and you're presenting to a jury you give them facts. Driven can all agree. It's a the problem right. When you're parading in front of a jury you're asking them to look at facts facts that may be harmful to you that you was an attorney May WanNa minimize and their facts? That certainly are helpful that you want to maximize but when you look at this year what talking about it seems to me that there are facts that are very compelling seems to me we can also get additional facts and if you WANNA make the argument meant that you know what it's hearsay. We don't have direct witnesses. Well you know what Mr President Administration you are in a position to provide those direct witnesses. But you're not doing it. I don't think any fact even even if we hear from the vein the budget office we hear from budget level authorities. We hear from the Secretary of state we have the president. I don't really think it's going to move the needle because because it goes to the political point I think people aren't trying to Eric and episode because as you point out about information these emails that came late over the weekend. We know about them. Because I'm afraid of of freedom of information requests. Do you think Joey in looking at that. Did they help to make the case. In terms of setting up a case with facts for why it's important to have witnesses and evidence in a in a senator I do and and just for two reasons. I mean look if you look at the emails or at least the essence of what we know about the e mails we see that. There's this connection right this link ninety minutes after a call. There's the indication indication that we're going to hold off an aide. Well if you're looking for a connection that seems to me to be a pretty compelling one second issue when you're talking about but don't say anything keep it quiet it keep it on the hush that goes to what we call consciousness of guilt if something let me help my client. I'm going to jump on top desk going to say. Look Ladies and gentlemen the jury. This is exhibit Eh. But YOU'RE GONNA say keep it quiet that goes to show you know what you're doing is wrong so you know what it's troubling. Yeah I mean that's what the emails show very clearly. The fact pattern is good and when they say when the woman from the dod asks what caused this change in policy the answers redecked so we don't know what they're not the last we'll talk about them. President trump meantime focusing his anger on an unusual target in front of a group of young conservatives. Then Saudi Arabia sensing five people to death for the murder of journalist Jamal cookie the subject but there are more questions than answers.

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