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Longstanding rivalries were reignited in iraq today between vital american allies iraqi military forces and militia moved to push kurdish forces out of the disputed city of kirkouk in the country's north lisa desjardins has our report the no the o how little too the commander in chief of the armed forces dr hyder allah body gave orders to protect the people have kirkuk and to impose security in the city after months of simmering tensions iraqi federal truth moved to retake the disputed city of kirkuk from kurdish forces from the effort launched before dawn by mid day iraqi soldiers along with statebacked militias quickly took control of several massive oilfields north of the city iraqis also captured kirkuk military airport and various government buildings they lowered what had been a symbolic kurdish flag at the governor's compound journalist rebecca colored in air beal was in kirkuk this morning you can hear some classiest some gunfire in the distance put the most fired the theme more or less abandoned now the iraqi army by the end of the essentially including 4 of the whole thing in many of the outskirts of cook the spokesman for an iraqi shiite militia said they achieved all their goals with little resistance if you want to get the is the troops approached the area they were confronted by some rebels who tried to him the progress of the advancing unit our troops returned fire and silenced its source this comes three weeks after the kurds how a nonbinding independence referendum that included the disputed province of kirkuk more than ninety percent of the kurdish regions residents voted to split from iraq the iraqi federal government turkey iran and the us all rejected that independence drive the multi ethnic region of kirkuk lies just outside of the autonomous kurdish region in iraq's north called the country's oil capital kirkuk produces around five hundred thousand barrels a day in 2014 amid the isis onslaught across northern iraq the kurds took control of kirkuk the iraqi military fled the city in the three years since the kurds led by their president massoud barzani sought to submit their hold despite tensions with the central government today kurdish officials accused iraq of carrying out a major a multipronged attack who observed now the moment i don't know what's happening exactly because we have been in this fight since four in the.

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