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And weather together on the H, and you all of our smart and beautiful listeners. You're the best part of all five to ten every morning right here on KRLD. Traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. It's one twenty eight still a big delay getting into garland eastbound six thirty five Jupiter only the right lane gets around an accident. Eighteen Wheeler involve plus a couple of other vehicles. It is a solid backup from forest lane. So taking audio yet down south or maybe even Greenville South all the way down to northwest highway is going to be a lot better than waiting through this in garland, eastbound George Bush turnpike at Jupiter watch out for pumpkin debris over the road. And westbound I thirty at second avenue coming into downtown Dallas, there's a stall in the left center lane causing delays from East Grand north Fort Worth northbound thirty five W Keller Hickson rolling construction in the right lane means a backup to to eighty seven in the backup just past north Tarrant Parkway. There's a stalled eighteen Wheeler on the right shoulder. Arlington. Westbound twenty at Kelly Elliott, the wreck has cleared all four lanes are reopen. Southbound thirty five W before far watch for a crash in the left lane and heading to tarot westbound I twentieth Hiram road. The right lane blocked by construction. It's a forty five minute backup through Kaufman county all the way back to FM forty-seven highway eighty is going to be much better this afternoon. I'm John little your next report coming up at one thirty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen..

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