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Wine and more my jaw drops every time i walk in wine beer cigars all the accessories and decorations i need when family this bobby that was just amazing we went to give it a try at the tasting table as soon as i tasted it i knew it was going to be perfect for watching the fireworks i can't wait for my next trip to total wine and more they always find something that's freakin delicious now back to murphy and mac on knb are six eighty we appreciate the the new intern mike lombardi sound saying he really likes the niners this year but that only spurred the the anti mike lombardi crowd saying why are you quote mike lombardi he knows nothing about football and they're coming after the interns news judgment pt are not lazy late losing keys but now he's quoting false false prophets suit is the judgment that's also meanwhile somebody said hey just queue up jason kelsey who is a super bowl champ unlike mike lombardi and good old adam copeland who who never misses anything who doesn't show a blade doesn't lose keys no no no he found this jason kelsey from the super bowl his opinion on mike lombardi's doc was hired the worst coaching hire by a lot of freaking out there in the media off season mike lombardi qualified coach doc peterson down the super bowl.

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