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15 months of lockdowns, California Governor Gavin Newsom lifting most of his state's covid restrictions, the order rolls back rules on masks and distancing, although unvaccinated people are still being asked to wear face coverings in public. No word on how the state plans to enforce that. Newsome was the first governor to issue a stay at home order at the beginning of the pandemic. The Democrats handling of the virus has sparked fierce criticism from Republicans who are hoping to beat him in a likely recall election this fall Boxes John Scott Israel will swear in a new government today, led by the ultra nationalist Naftali Bennett. It will end Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's 12 year rule. The new government vows to heal the country's divisions. National Geographic adds another ocean to the world map since National Geographic began making maps in 1915. It's recognized four oceans, the Atlantic Pacific Indian and Arctic oceans, though now recognizing the waters around Antarctica waters previously view It is an extension of the Atlantic Pacific and Indian oceans. Those scientists say the unique nature of the Antarctic waters largely due to the currents that flow they're known as the Antarctic Circumpolar current makes the water's colder and slightly less salty, which helps store carbon deep in the ocean and has a critical impact on the earth's climate. Jeff Manasso. Fox News, A commercial lobster diver, says he was swallowed whole by a humpback whale off the Massachusetts coast Friday, but he made it out alive. Michael Packard initially thought the whale was a shark, but realized he was wrong. When he didn't feel any teeth, he says it was completely dark. And after about 30 seconds, the whale spit him out, and he escaped with just some bruises. I'm richer Jordan and this is Fox News. American never flies alone. The Air Force Reserve is always there is the country's wing man. We're ready to do the job to serve one called upon.

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