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Than a minute later by, three point four no reports. Of any injuries just a lot of people throughout. Southern California reporting they felt the shaking Orange County supervisors have ordered an investigation into wrongly recorded phone calls at the jail contractor blames a computer glitch for recording more than a thousand calls between inmates. And. Their lawyers supervisor, Todd Spitzer says the contractors. Should be canned they did this, in other states and this was never brought to. The board's attention. There are contractor they breached confidentiality. And other states it should have been told the wrongly recorded calls at the jail went on for about three years officials are still trying to figure out whether those recordings. Influenced court cases the internal investigation has three months to figure. Out, what happened Andrew, mollenbeck KFI news governor Brown is signed off on getting. Rid of cash bail cash system will be Replaced by a risk assessment system where a judge will. Decide whether, some defendants are held in jail pretrial or if they can be released people facing nonviolent misdemeanor. Charges will be, released within twelve hours on. The other end of the spectrum people charged with serious, violent felonies, will not be released in between it's up to the judge based on procedures in. A given county supporters say, the point of this is. To offer up a fair chance for Justice for. Cash poor defendants opponents from two different camps say it will lead to more criminals on the lamb or to lead to more people being held in jail Chris ancarlo KFI news school district in the. Empire. Has agreed to, cough up sixteen million dollars. To settle threes sex abuse cases, the plaintiffs went to Redlands high school Morgan Stewart. A lawyer from. Irvine says six of the eight. Students were abused by one math teacher another by an English teacher and the last by a theater director girls lives are forever changed they're never going to be the same. As a result of this abuse he says counting all his. Recent cases. Against Redlands, unified school district eight people have abused dozens of students. Redlands unified says regrettably it Race the actions of those repugnant individuals and hopes the settlement. Begins the healing, process Corbin Carson KFI news letter Rico's governor has raised the official death toll from hurricane Maria the change today follows a report by public health researchers. At George Washington University that says nearly three thousand people in Puerto Rico. Died in the months following the store up into this point the government of Puerto Rico. Stood firm that their number was sixty. Four death ABC's Josh Hoyos says the category four last year led to the longest blackout in US history and. Researchers say that could have contributed to more deaths people who relied on energy to keep oxygen machines going to. Keep their insulin. Cold to have basic refrigeration for food and water, lack to that researcher, said the elderly and the poor were most at risk traffic.

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