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You talk a lot. We don't know we wanted to hear off. So I haven't spoken to him for year of. Shall we? Are are we he needs time by we love each other. We're brothers with here is friends and. That's all I can say. Win. We're not gonna who haven't gone we. We were very very. Very determined. Off the off the same. It was I lost tour in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. And I said that that kind of my back the other guys in the band didn't know gonna say that. But I knew that time St. Pete was in. Yeah. He he had a running with heavy drugs me up to do with pressure of the fact that we did didn't have the drama made. I'm wasn't quite gelling. He was having trouble writing that pressure was on the him. Yeah. He needed the bright. So I thought well this you're going to be the last tool because if we carried on it would've killed him. Yeah. So I don't know why on so I just announced that out of the bloom. Overstate was never gonna be the law soon. Kind at and we both did solo stuff to style. Style. Hobie yet was. Yeah. And. Here we all now and winning time to also nounce fiftieth year, and we're gonna go onto I said, this is the beginning of the long goodbye. And we have to be realistic outrage on seventy five next year. I can still I can still sing the shit out stuff. Yeah. Pecan still ply it. Yeah. So quite out yet. Yeah. Yeah. But I can size. We don't know how long with go on. I don't think you ever retire from this business. I think it retires you when you're a ban light. Yeah. Because I'm usually these of and has to have a kind of energy within it. The if ever we can't give it that because we all rock band. We're not win. Good time rock from roll band. We're not like roots to faces. Yeah, Rolling Stones. You know? Bob, and you understand what I'm saying. The opposite of that. Power chords baby on the one. He's the slam. Yeah. It's not. It's not music the fuck factor. Yeah. He's music to fight to. Yeah. And if ever loses that fighting edgier which exists between, and I still to this day will then I'll stop because then it will be cheating. Why audience, and I've never wanted to cheat them ever because I remember too. Well for my early years. I I have a boat to see anybody who's to see Cliff, Richard and the shadows. Yeah. In ninety sixty two at she's employer. And you know, what it took to get the money to buy those tickets. And so that's what. An artist owes it to an audience three hundred eighty for right and deliver. If you ever stop doing that you'll take in a piece. Buckle up the business. Those are great closing words. Show. I think it's I think it's right. I think it's too hard to come. And see you you deserve to deliver it. Yeah. You don't wanna just sweep walk there. You don't wanna auto? And I'll tell you nothing about the book, you know. What I love about your book is that you can hear your voice in it. You do you know what I mean? It's like, it's good solid storytelling. And it's honest. And you know what? I mean, it's not in bell a lot. You know what I mean? Yeah. Did you did you did you do it all yourself? What would it go out with Matt rod journalist didn't booking different white most people do their biography? I didn't have a peel. Yeah. I don't think you can write a biography on the book deal autobiography now. Yeah. All the bile was one you'd be if you were writing your biography, Roger doll should be another guy. Maybe that's true. Know. There's a real Roger road. But well, I'm trying to say. I didn't know whether I have one in me. And if you do a publishing do all of a sudden like the hold on tight a lot of money, and I don't believe any of this kind of art or whatever should ever really ever be done initially for the money. Right. So I go Buki younger get someone who admired might as journalist to to interview me. Okay. We win for four years. Ardent care. Al only went on I paid him. Yeah. Titan ten years. I wouldn't Kate. I'll I'll say because all I want is a good. Boop. Yeah..

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