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Federal judge Amy Berman Jackson oversaw the Roger stone trial and sentenced him to forty months in prison call the jury in the case back in for questioning eleven of the fourteen jurors who decided the case connected to the Russia investigation this past November were brought in to answer questions on allegations of juror misconduct stone has claimed the jury forewoman was biased and requested a new trial his first such request was denied details of that hearing released by the judge showed jurors said nothing fishy happened in the jury room and no one spoke to or was influenced by the news media or tweets by president trump Jackson later question the four woman who confirmed that she had posted articles critical of trump's policies online but said she had done her job as a juror fairly and did not look at media during the trial Jackson says she will rule soon whether to grant a new trial as we've been reporting it was another tough day on Wall Street after the CDC said it was likely the corona virus would spread in the US and now in the S. and P. both fell more than three percent the nasdaq closed down almost three percent however we're learning that social media manipulation may also be playing a role in the market Steve dropped the cyber security firm blackbird A. I. he's released a report indicating since February second a staggering amount of false narratives and social media manipulation regarding the spread of coronaviruses flooded the internet more than two and a half million social media post contain conspiracy theories that the U. S. or China created the virus and it got out of control another fabrication blames it on eating meat and one of the most damaging developments was a U. S. senator and other problem people repeating false information in the media financial experts tell WTOP investors can easily be spooked by these kinds of operations JJ green WTOP news since his death last fall the late Maryland democratic congressman Elijah Cummings has been honored with a memorial service in the U. S. capitol building eulogies from former presidents and legislation named in his honor this week members of Congress are expected to celebrate the late lawmakers life in yet another way by naming a hallowed hearing room in the halls of Congress after him Maryland matters reports the house oversight committee is expected to officially name it's hearing room in the Rayburn house office building after Cummings Cummings chair the powerful panel the house's main investigative arm last year until his death he was the top Democrat on the committee serving in the minority for several years as well you have probably seen or read stories about tiny house living a lot of people think they're one answer to rising home and land prices but not everyone in one of our area's wealthiest counties likes the concept you're on route seven in Loudon county near the town of round hill this motel has been closed for years it's the sight word twenty eight micro cottages will soon be built at.

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