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I think it's the asylum that just makes like. They'll take a dumb hit b movie like shark NATO mental. Turn it into like, ULA cane or something like they'll just do require to this. And it's a company called the asylum. And they do what what are called mach Buster's. So when transformers, you know, was was a thing. Yeah. They would make a really cheap version of transformers and call it like car changers. Right. They sell them to like foreign tourists. I I don't know. I don't know what their market is. I don't know. But this has been going on. I mean forever. You did you ever work in a video store? Yeah. So you remember looking at. All these titles, these Directa video and even not so direct to video tiles. I'm like who is who is this who is kickboxer five four. I don't think we had a lot of that stuff. It was it was a pretty, but I would I thought yours in at Yale would be the same though. I mean mine was a pretty like highbrow fartsy your store vision video. It was for the movie lovers in town. Michael Stipe win in there that wow. Yeah. That's how we roll an ethics. She ever, right. Did you what did you rent to Michael Stipe? I never ended anything to him. Oh, but he did that we had flicker film festival which was like, a monthly local film exhibition for local filmmakers flicker films on a screen, and he would go to flicker, and I went to flicker, and he tried to buy the flicker shirt off my back because I got the last one oh about and put it on. And he came up in he mumbled at me that he wanted to buy that from me. And did you sell it to them? Now. I didn't well I felt bad, but that's wrong to feel bad at some point. You're going to be in a room with Michael Stipe? Again, I've tried to get him on here while you know, why he's not coming on. Because I didn't tell them you're murdering people and hanging them on hooks into is like that, dude. Yeah. Totally took that last shirt didn't sell it to me, Michael Stipe. He wouldn't although one night. What was he offering an exchange, some vegan, bacon or something? It was it was money. Cash. That's fair. Yeah. Hey movie Crushers with access to tens of thousands of channels, apps and Alexa, skills. Amazon fire TV brings all the live TV and streaming content..

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