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The Bobcat fire is making a hard push at Mount Wilson this afternoon. Now this fire has been burning for more than two weeks in the Angeles National Forest. In the last day, it has grown from 103,000 acres to more than 105,000. It's just 15% contained. It'll likely be a few weeks before a cause of death has determined for a firefighter found out of the scene of the Eldorado fire. A bizarre way The fire apparently started could also become a criminal case. The body of the firefighter who died at the Eldorado incident wasn't recovered till September 18th. He was reported missing September 9th. Now the question for investigators. Exactly How did he die department will be conducting the death investigation and upon completion, it will then be submitted to the district Attorney's Office for Review. Jodi Miller with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department says Cal fire investigating the cause of the fire believed connected to agenda. Reveal party and some type of pyrotechnic, very difficult time frame when you were conducting a death investigation, if it is determined that it did lead to the death of the firefighter, very serious criminal charges could be filed against the people behind that gender Reveal party Craig Fichtner can x 10 70 news radio Now A lot of people were shaken up by Friday night's magnitude 4.5 earthquake, but some got no advance warning from their early warning, APS. We've looked into it. It could take something. Order 5 to 7 seconds to actually get something out to people after the USGS initially to text the earthquake, But a group is the communications coordinator for the U. S. Geological Surveys Shake Alert early warning system if you're super close to the epicenter than what happens is that the earthquake reaches you before All that processing and transfer of information can occur. Some people got on alert after the shaking started. Others did not get one until after the shaking was over. Some got no alert. The group points to several possible explanations. The estimated intensity of the shaking in some areas was too low to trigger an alert. Sometimes the settings on a person's phone can keep an alert from coming through. Groot says. Shake Alert L A sent notifications to more than 27,000 phones. My shake to about 20,000 and quick alert. Yusa notified more than 2000 users. Google Scent alerts toe android users who have updated their operating system Club sq Takeya. Next 10 70 NewsRadio coming up, We're going to take a close look. Att, the fight's over the Supreme Court vacancy now what effect that's going tohave on the White House, the race for the White House. It's coming up just a few minutes, We'll have a former Southern California congresswoman on And a Republican strategist as well. Our eye in the sky updating that Jack Knife big rig on the 60 at the 17. We're also looking at a crash on the four or five in Westminster..

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