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Getting on to store or drive airport tunnels looking good to win from Logan Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the threes but a whole lot of gray in our picture today we check the four day WBZ accu weather forecast brought to us by plumbers nine one one here's meteorologist dean devore yeah a whole lot of gray in there and then from the sky but we will get some rain from that date start to build again to the southwestern to rain again in Providence so anywhere outside the four ninety five corridor to the west in the south of the city it's raining still not doing too much in the city but that's going to change here in the next hour or two and the visibility will go down when that rain comes in pretty heavily for a few hours and early afternoon then tapering off to a shower it's gonna get windy and mild up to near sixty well mid fifties maybe a spa a couple spots near sixty for a brief time later this afternoon this evening and then windy and chillier tonight as we drop down into the upper thirties Jeff overall the weekend not bad just chillier each day low to mid fifties with the gusty breeze tomorrow then mid forties on Sunday will keep you up to date on the BBC bosses user forty three in Boston nine one one Boston dot com for emergency plumbing service twenty four seven plumbers nine one one Boston dot com a network of local plumbers available twenty four seven the best in the business is just a click away plumbers nine one one Boston dot com seven twenty six now look at New England business this morning the mass nurses association is calling on governor Charlie Baker to put a stop to any hospital plans for downsizing in the middle of covert nineteen this request is.

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