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Welcome back Matt Frazier's with us is book when heaven calls and thank you for the little always believe inscription that your road inside the book matter pre sheet that all you're welcome super so let's talk more about heaven to the average person heaven is angel sitting on clouds with harps and wings it's not that way isn't for me I mean that's the way that I see it you know I think that people get really freaked out when you start to talk about really what have it is and you know I know that when I talk about it with people you know they the this is a little bit of uncertainty that's the are the reason why is that it's hard to grasp sure you know because heaven is an energy space so people really get freaked out or the average person gets freaked out when they realized okay we leave our physical body behind it we become energy and people think that that means that you know we're like a cloud or they think that that means that we just like here we're like space and it's not like that at all you know the way that you can think about having his first of all when we pass like I said we leave our physical body behind and our soul lifts off in our soul is energy and see where we're going is energy its energy place so what it's like the best way that you can just that I can describe have in is something that we've all experienced and that's your dreams it's like you know we are going to claim and you have a loved one that comes to visit you and you can see them and you can touch them and everything in the dream is so vivid and it feels so real that you literally can touch the person of fuel the presidency the person as though they're right there with you that's exactly what happened is like just like that because our thoughts are energy so it's very you know it's very much in comparison to what happened is what's the message would love people to get to if they read it and when they read one haven't calls well I'd like them to get a couple messages one is that your loved ones are always with you they never leave two you can communicate with them if there's a language that you can learn to start to reach them and speak to them in three you will be reunited again that you know death is not the end you know it's just the transition and that that is not dead it's just different when somebody dies I want to take us through the dying process for a moment math let's say they're in a hospital room there in bed and they're ready to die there they're dying of some illness what happens after that so it depends on what I'm what you're passing from but normally let's just say the summit passes of cancer old age or whatever it may be you know the first thing is that your loved ones come and greet you because nobody goes to have been kicking and screaming it just doesn't happen I mean yeah people are afraid to die they're free to leave this world but it's not it's not a painstaking process when you're on the way to the other side a couple things start to happen one you start to see loved ones that are passed on it doesn't matter how long ago the a pass you know many times people who are dying we'll see you know their mother that had passed on to their friends that had passed on before them you know girlfriends brothers sisters whoever it is that pass I will be there to greet them and immediately is sold them two things SO someone they don't have to be afraid into that you know where they're going is that far you know what I've come to realize that more people are afraid of dying in seeing just black that's what they're afraid of you know I've been with so many people who are passing or you know on the verge of leaving this world and that's what they're afraid of you know it's not the actual dying process itself it's that where we go from here you know is there a heaven is there a afterlife you know you can be the most religious person the most safe people person but you know it's still nerve wracking you still get scared because I know when we fear the unknown as humans so when all of a sudden you see someone that you trust them you love at the end of your bed and they're telling you you know it's OK you're coming with me I'm gonna take care of you you know it's fine all of a sudden those fears leaf it's amazing because I was actually just filming an episode with that show the doctors have you heard about show I've heard is that you haven't seen it but I've heard so I did some live readings on there with the studio audience and Dr stork said to me he says oh my god it's like this is this is unbelievable like he couldn't wrap his mind Dr Wallich doctor shuttle yeah that would be the easy easy a baby doctor running chance that was actually so he was an ER physician on Charlie enough so Dr Travis stork of name so he says to me he was like you know I can't believe that seems like you really know what's in the readings is like this is this is crazy he's like you know I am trained as a doctor you know in the emergency room he's like you know that somebody will pass or something leave this world and you write on the death certificate time of death you think it is just so final he's looking here you are doing readings you know in putting people back in touch with their loved ones he's like in there here like it it's it's like he couldn't grasp of mine about issues like this is just absolutely amazing and it was it was amazing to me says here doctors say that and and to go to that because of course you know I was an EMT you know and I believe both the traditional and in holistic medicine but to me I also know that our our loved with the with that so you know I'm not afraid to die I'm not afraid to leave this world you know and and that's one of things I try to you know help people people well you know it is not being afraid of of the day after the after life but you know completely changed he changed his mind on so many levels that it helped him on so many levels inside the from hoping that my work does and I think that's the reason why I was put here on this earth this meant when you were knee and T. did your versus somebody who is in the dying process from either a car accident or some tragedy or something like that I did not because actually worked privately contracted for the World Trade Center so like that we got a lot of like slipping falls diabetic comas think things like that luckily but what I did do is that I did I did you I do have times when I volunteered and I was out nursing homes and things like that and I did get to meet and speak to people who were you know very close to passing but that was on my own time in you know get people looking to just be we are short you know for somebody who's going through that process like I said it's it's nerve wracking for them I know that with my own grandfather when when he passed he was nervous nervous nervous as much as I told him I don't have it in the afterlife he was still nervous and so you know he saw his breath and saliva as crazy as it is he thought his girlfriend that had passed before him and then he wasn't nervous anymore than I think he was excited to go to the other side's interest out of Libya he he he he was ready it was ready he was ready and you know what's funny is that I used to ask them all the time George because he so he was with my grandmother obviously until she died and then he met back up with his old high school sweetheart and they were together you know for years and years and years and then she had passed and I think you might I said you know it's a comp populate when you pass the nickel the other side of what you have to women up there we're going to be what are you going to be what you know your your wife for you going to be with your girlfriend we will work it out of the woodwork treats me better in it is actually funny because you know there are times inside this is this is something that I I talk about as well in my book hi that that people don't like to hear but if there are times when some sold so get back together on the other side what's a soul mate to you a soul mate if the person that you start your journey with here in this world the somehow me here in this world and you end up with on the other side you take your journey here in the physical and then on the other side you end up with that person that's a soul mate but you know what people don't realize is that you know sometimes sometimes with the wrong person here in life is not happiness if it does happen it does happen you know what happened to my live events you know we're I've connected with with certain people who have had you know multiple partners or multiple people there was one woman came for a bridge was like ninety years old god lover and diet she had an amazing an amazing husband and then she had an even more amazing boyfriend and I would like you know your husband is here and she's like you know that's not what I want to hear from you like I love my husband he was a great guy but you know when I die one day I want to be with my with my boyfriend who boy that my heart is with you know I loved him as a great guy but this is my soul soul mate what do you know what it does it does happen no iframe grab does the departed show emotion they do I mean it's not a motion it's not they're not up there judging us so they do show mostly to express concern they are worried about us but at the same time you have to know that they do know how things are going to pan out they know the future they conceived tomorrow so much more clearly than we see yesterday and you know at the media people always ask me well how do you know things how do you how do you know what I'm gonna have a girl or how do you know that I'm going to move or how do you know you know different things about the but it's really because somebody on the other side has to tell me that so I don't just get my information I can just make predictions on the thin air the way that it works for me is that there's someone around you whether it be you know what best friends a sister a brother a father a mother will come through and they work with you every day and they'll tell me okay you know my daughter is going through a divorce please let her know that's going to be okay and this is how it's gonna end or you know my son just just bought a new house please congratulate him for me so they can see things so much more clearly than we do so they'll get a stress they don't they're not judgmental the able.

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