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Keeper three ten Maynard in the heart of Ann Arbor. We're here following Michigan's fifty six ten win over Nebraska. We'll brings now three and one of the season one zero in league play and game. Number two of the big ten slate is next Saturday at northwestern four thirty eastern time kickoff from Evanston, Illinois, a couple of things for you here in the second of the first one is the social media for the win of the day goes to Wendy's and about two thirty exactly to thirty-seven this afternoon. Wendy's tweeted might need a Scott frosty the ice down the beating the Brassica. The brass is taking hashtag fresh fan reaction. And that is the tweet of the day where to go Wendy's taking Scott frost down with a Scott frosty. Tweet terrific. That's for the win. When he gets the win without a doubt on the running for Michigan. Because we you know, a lot of conversation last week. Why can't they throw the ball at a mortar loosened up for the wrong game? And they are being so deliberate the running game. Well, they're trying to establish an identity and their identity is to find that one play that works. Whether it's the powers that counter or it's zone reader, whatever it might be. And Michigan is found. What looks like to be there. Play in what we're calling. What's been called the down g which is essentially, and this is a little Xs and os for you. This is essentially on the lead side of the place. So if it's a down to the left the left guard pulls around the left tackle access to lead blocker as opposed to on a true power play where the off guard the right guard would pull around the center and the left guard and the left tackle to be a lead blocker. And so the down G is a shorter pull. And so you have some zone blocking scheme elements in the back end you have the power scheme with the lead blocker of the playside fullback play guard leading forward. I know again getting a little Xs in here on the radio, it's kind of hard to the picture, but this play the Dow is what is become their identity. The big runs karate early the forty six yard or on the first drive and then the. Touchdown play on the forty four yarder. Both on the same play. And you get this really good block off at the line did their job in the game today and the down g play really working for the maize and blue right now. And you want to see that continue. But that looks like the beat their identity, and we'll have to see you need to see that continues. They move onto northwestern the road, Maryland, home, Wisconsin and moving forward that play in the building off of that one. What you saw them more play action off of that. And also a lot. There's a lot of opportunities in the run game as they continue to develop what they do best which is down four play which can run from a feeder formations seems to be really working for them. And part of that also works with just lining up empowering the dang football. And when they put Ben Mason as a tailback, which we saw for the first time in this game, and you just put him back in an ace formation. And so you're lining up as a tailback say, go get it. He's gonna fall forward for four or five years pretty much every time it's slowly. Coming one of my favorite formations that Michigan has a favorite plays. Just put Ben Mason as an ace formation fullback tailback. He's gonna fall for. You reminds me of the old days of like John Riggins with in DC running the diesel or Mike all start at Purdue running as a as a power tailback fullback a hybrid. And that was fun to see and obviously on third and one second and one that kind of thing he's going to give you get your first on just about every single time. He can do it from the fullback spots to wish he did out of the I formation the power and the jumbo I but seeing him back there a tailback Superfund watching Ben Mason back there really like watching Washington play. Obviously, the fullback a tailback. And what he scored that. Touchdown. I think it was the maybe third of his three thousand a game because he finished the game with six tenths for eighteen yards. Three of the six carries went for touchdowns half. Curious what for scores, I think it was his third talks. He went in untouched. And it's probably his least favourite touchdown because he went in untouched. He just wants to hit somebody every time the football is near him. Whether it's the blocker or as a runner and he didn't get touched on that touchdown. But it's fun to see him get carries as both a tailback now in this game.

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