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Pullman kickoff bolts into the end zone. Cyclones? We'll have it at their twenty five and Al Brock Purdy the freshman quarterback trots back on the field. With a chance to maybe Titus went out with a touch and a two point it, you know, you touched on some ROY that, you know, great players want to threat the needle great players want the ball in their hands and great players are so confident in their ability belt make that risky throw or run or catch. Just like second nature. I can from the twenty-five Iowa State. They're all white uniforms from left to right faked. A handoff to Montgomery Butler makes it catch farside and crackdown after a gain of five maybe six by Marcus strong, and that's been a fun match up tonight, and that's nice tackle by Barca's straw. Because again Hickey butlers having a career night. He's over a hundred ninety yards now nine receptions on second and four birdies going to be flushed keeps the play alive links at deep down the field Butler got a fingertip on. It was well covered in blood territory by Schuyler Thomas, the free safety. Yeah. I don't think that's matchup. They want Schuyler Thomas five nine hundred and eighty pounds safety. Purdy does a great job extending the plays getting chased down by Taylor comfort defensive lineman, fifth year, senior former walk on again, one of the leaders of this defense big play coming up right here right now under ten minutes to go down and four. They'll punch the receivers on both sides. Four pass catchers are out there. The shotgun. Snap comes in. Jess. Hi wander across the metal ball pops out lakes that was eaten or made the catch. And now the official comes in and says the past is incomplete and a lot happening there. Matthew, even had a chance for the first down Purdy spun it in there pretty nicely between defenders in the ball. Did pop out. I'm not sure ROY that wasn't an interception. The ball popped up. And. Jehad woods. I guess it did hit the ground. Across the metal secured it with two hands hit the turf and the ball popped out. And I don't know about you. But that looks awfully close to being a catch. Let's say they take another look at that. What? Well now he did. He didn't secure it enough for it to be called a catch. They're going to review it though. Scott to be indisputable video evidence.

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