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Weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA an outbreak of hepatitis eight seventeen Florida counties hard and prompted the state to declare a public health emergency it's just a way to make sure that we're doing all we can to try to head this off governor Ronnie center says the declaration triggers federal help from the CDC most of the reported cases have come from around Tampa Bay and in central Florida if not an emergency the governor has concern about red tide in has formed a task force to research causes and develop solutions to the toxic algae that particularly played the southwest Florida coast last year a couple from Wesley chapel north of Tampa faces charges accused of running from a fatal crash they cost and a carjacking to escape cops say thirty one year old Cody berry and twenty three Breanna right also crashed a stolen car later in plant city with Florida's news I'm John the question from the Florida central credit union auto loans traffic center seeing reports of your usual delays this warning on I for traveling westbound between twenty first St and two seventy five no delays in the eastbound direction of I four or up and down I seventy five and two seventy five this morning this traffic reporter sponsored by Tampa machinery option if you need cash for any type of vehicle truck boat trailer construction equipment let's have a machinery option help consignments accepted there Wednesday August seventh for auction Saturday August tenth visit T. M. auction dot com or call eight one three nine eight six two four eight five license number eighty one three five and eight you eight seven one Samantha canning newsradio WFLA see traffic problems call the injury firm of Abraham sending you to where traffic tip line Hillsborough eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five starting up extra humid with an on shore flow that also means a chance of morning rain mainly near the coast line as we go into the afternoon storms will tend to push east of I seventy five your high temperature right around ninety for your Monday.

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