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It's time once again for America's favorite show, the radio adventures of Dr fluid brought to you by Decca Floyd dot com. We last left on heroes. They were sleeping soundly after being bought asleep by two girl scouts little. Did they know that it was not to real girl scouts who are boring them? It was too real disguised bad guys in Dr Floyd dodge nemesis. Dr Steve and is assistant fidget. While our heroes were dozing, Dr Steven made off with one of Dr Phil Leeds, newest inventions, eight time and space travel, device, the two desperately creams quickly install the device on board their spaceship and made their first jump through space and time when Dr Floyd his protege Dr grant in their faithful robot convenient chips, finally, wake up from their boredom and do Slava. They quickly realized they have been bamboozle being booed way. Space travel devices going who could have done such a thing. Right. It had have been that darned blasted. Dr Steve, I knew those were some ugly girl scouts. But how did he know that you were working on a time and space travel device? It must have read it on one of those Dr Floyd fan websites who knows what no good doctor Steve will cause with the time and space travel device if he's made the jump into the time and space stream, how will we ever find it? We can use chips were all out of chips. I eight the last of the barbecue chips yesterday, new a mint juleps are faithful robot companion. They secretly installed a space and time device position tracking device thing, he and chips. We'll be able to track Dr Steve, no matter where or win. They go in space and time. But how will we follow them through time and space when they have the time and space travel device? Dr grant you're the shortest memory in history of the planet. I told you the last episode that I built to time and space travel devices memory, I get a discount. Ho. Yeah, that's right. I'm sorry. Dr Floyd I for. Forgot. It's okay we can't all be the world's most brilliant, scientists boy for someone with such a small head you. Sure. Do have a big ego. Doug to grant I told you not to mention my small head on the radio. What those fiends they've landed in November nineteen forty eight in Chicago behind the Chicago daily Tribune building nine thousand nine hundred forty eight Chicago. I don't get it. What could they be plotting? Hey, remember it as if it were yesterday? It was an election year in the Chicago. Daily Tribune made prince history with a colossal mistake. I still don't get it. I'll explain on the way pack your toothbrush. We're on our way through space and time as on here. Also Benedicta I jumped through time and space. Let's race ahead of them and go to Chicago when the nineteen forty eight we find Dr Steven fidget outside the Chicago daily Tribune building. This is the place fidget, right? Doubt, these presses printing up hundreds of papers that proudly proclaim Dewey defeats Truman. Now, as you know, Truman Saudi defeated Dewey, this presidential election, drew man held up a copy of the misprinted payback. It vary famous photograph who very few of these papers exist in the future. Because most with thrown out to the trash would we do is, we will make sure they do not wind up in the trash. And then when we return to the future, we will sell them on EBay, and we will become. Mair's. Which fidget tied. Here comes a news boy with a stack of the misprinted babies. Who is right there? You. It's none of your business who I am. What's important is what I won't give those newspapers the misprinted in order to maintain the credibility and the dignity. Does you. Colladay tribu. Trashy needed me in order to maintain the credibility indignity of all your teeth. You will give me those ABC mmediately out out. And in a flash. Dr Steve, grab the newspapers and headed back to was awaiting spaceship. We'll Dr fluid and his crew able to get to the year nineteen forty eight before Dr Steve could make the jump back to the future. Can they stop? Dr Steve, before he puts the pilfered papers up on EBay and just stuck Steve's feedback rating, anyway, these questions and more. Tune in next week for the continuing. Rainy, women duct on. Oy.

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