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Yeah no listeners. It's not over for a role that they're like Jennifer Hudson and I was like wait till they see me begets. Momentum and momentum begets money in politics and money in politics guy it plays way to been against it. Dozens United Citizens United is One of the fundamental disasters of our political landscape. GonNa say yes. Yes so much more complicated really. Can you tell them real quick listening? I listen to your one of your tax money episode yesterday and can you tell them real quick. The the one eighty of Mitch McConnell which I think. A lot of people don't realize that it's so fascinating. It is shocking that we go through this in the sixth episode of this money politics podcasts. At that I've done. I went back and found these clips of Mitch. Mcconnell heard it. I'd always heard rumors that early in his career. Mitch McConnell was actually supportive of campaign finance reform to the extent. He supports things that you basically. Won't he supported things in one thousand nine hundred seven my birth year by the way that you won't even really find Democrats supporting like the most liberal reformers? Don't even support things as dramatic as McConnell completely. Getting rid of packs all types of packs. Forget superpex all types of packs in the dark money world. A lot of people don't realize almost all dark money it comes in the form of an abuse of the irs code the five. Oh one section right. We're all familiar five. Once he threes you pay attention to politics. You familiar with five. Oh One C. Four will irs code. Says PRETTY SIMPLY THAT? You can be a nonprofit five once before but you cannot let your primary activity politics all that like nothing is bastardized in politics like that. Line of IRS code because they pop up all over the place while the key difference in any campaign account and You know what happens in a five four? You have to disclose money. All money is transparent in a real campaign account. We've agreed on that concept hundred years but if it's a five hundred eighty four. That's where Dr Money happens. Because nonprofits don't have to disclose their donors. Were back in the day Mitch. Mcconnell war Democrats out because he thought back then Democrats benefited from these five hours and he would rant about how it should all be fixed and there should be a constitutional amendment. Didn't they say he went? As far as to say there should be constitutional amendment to prevent really all of the outside money that we see coming in independent expenditures for example which are protected by the Constitution. And you play tape of this on your podcast. And then here we are in twenty twenty and the man is so unbelievable. I don't know how long it's been maybe ten years. He's been so pro citizens united and pro dark money. It's outrageous the turn that he made. I mean it is like a flip flop of the ages and this is not a real funny Senate so make it funnier but the saddest part of citizens united is this the jurisprudence of citizens united is in no way no way honored today and what I mean by that. Is that Antony Scalia. The late justice who actually gave the majority opinion he was he was explaining why people should be able to put unlimited money in politics. Okay fine. That's his opinion but he also and that was the majority opinion but he also made very clear that money like voters deserve to know where it was coming from. It was part of the citizens united opinion that there should be disclosure ironically because Washington really on both sides. Now there's been some resistance to fixing the laws to citizens united on. Its face is bad. Enough but point here is citizens. United IF If it was enacted in the spirit of the Supreme Court would not be nearly as bad as it is that we have yes. Yes you know and I think again it's interesting if you're were you shocked at Bloomberg's millions. What does the campaign finance issue because we know where the money came from but like you know when he was in New York City by the way he did not partake in New York City Campaign Finance Program? Which is fantastic about you know a a model for the nation. We should have it in the nation but he did not participate because it's not mandatory. So he was able to just like wall up these other. Were you surprised as millions didn't let them make him win. I mean well I mean I feel like again in my little bubble soon as I entered everyone I know was just like. Are you like a joke of the joke but also the Guy Right actually? That's the one good thing I could say right now. Is that the billions and billions in just throwing it all over the place and making ridiculous Just ongoing media things at all. It hits as well as a truce at all. It hits as Western Samoa your way in American Samoa you as out there like if there were aspects of Super Tuesday that your friends thought were disheartening. I think it's somewhat heartening to see that. I think the American public pays more attention to what's going on. Who's trying to buy what in American politics and they have like? We were beginning to talk a lot about digital natives. Thinks though if if he had no one if Biden handle one South Carolina Bloomberg would have had a better turnout on super. Here's the best theory. The Best Theory of all is the the Bloomberg debate the Great Bloomberg debate. That will go down in. History is and what a terrible feeling to know that people got exposed to you and then didn't like you. They liked the idea of Bloomberg within regular people like in my home. State of Tennessee came through my hometown. Chattanooga weeks ago but people like him and then he spins hundreds of millions of dollars and does the debate in. Nobody likes him any. There's like the Netflix show. Love is blind we were in like our separate pods with Bloomberg commercials and then we meet and we're like. Oh no this will not work. Work Theory is that I had already forgotten this but nate silver pointed out yesterday that if Marissa had not released a poll right before that Nevada dumpster fire debate that Bloomberg did where he was. Just the weird Blair Elizabeth like super visceral at him. Absolutely Marras the day at the absolute buzzer came to the poll that Qualified Bloomberg so if Bloomberg if people had not gotten to know Bloomberg and therefore not like Bloomberg. He may very well have gone on. The whole race could look differently. If it weren't for marriage dropping this poll at the Buzzer the qualify Bloomberg. The debate unraveled his campaign. Yeah I mean it's you know who knows I want to say though. You mentioned nate silver and I know we have to stop over still not only sixteen over. I have found myself like seeing stuff by. I'm not trying to throw him under the bus. He's he's Great. But Him and nate. Cohn and all anyone named nate and the annuals. I'll just also throw them a perfect. I don't WanNA listen. I don't want to hear about polls I've become extremely anti-poll in my ten years. And I it's I think it's it's a reaction to twenty sixteen and I hate people talking to me about pathways. This is not about pathways. This is about. Who Do you think is going to be the best fucking president? That's what this is about. Let's vote our conscience. I say that and look I don't Know What Elizabeth Warren GonNa do. You know what I mean. She may draw. She may stay in the race. I don't know but like to me I I I. This entire process was meant to disenfranchise me. And I get that because our vote in York doesn't matter but it an an an effectively has talked about Biden as just he's the nominee. Now we've disenfranchised a third of the. How many two thirds of the population and that makes us fucking dicks and talking about pathways all that stuff. You're just disenfranchising people in it. It's it's voter suppression and I don't like it. I actually I think I I think we gotta get away with the no more pundits. Comedians COMEDIANS register assists senior. Strategists are real problem right now but I just feel like there is such a you know. It's sort of like the twitter of television people. Don't even list. They're not even listening on him listening. Let's just hear what my favorite pundit has to say not so it's like you're being guided by editorial I mean yes pieces and I can't pieces gotta be everyone's trying to make this decision for US rather than us us having a pure relationship. Oh what happened Elizabeth? Warren dropped out. No I just got the control. Room is is breaking my heart Franchise heartened this heart. Oh my God I.

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