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One of the things unnoticed with this and makes me very happy armed blair technology is at a point now where people can make documentaries in latin lex shit anymore you know we would get so made documentaries from back in the day and they would look because they've taken afford a big movie budgets they begin get like these cheap as cameras and they would and he will grainy man married guineas documentaries now that look great because they can shoot on the budget with digital but more pulled back this is a female directed that did this amanda lipids and i think that this cool that we get more female directors out there doing this kind of thing somboon for the film so with that said then he good let me know tell me yes so yeah first fema director asthma my ash i love that and i think the trailer actually does a really good job of of showing you what type of movie is it's an has the sad part at has you know the heavier moments but overall it's about this really great story about these three girls at their senior europe high school just you know doing what they love and trying desperately to succeed in their future and i thought it was really put while put together i thought the stories were really endearing one thing i really loved though was so like lesson is the main is like base would you argue the main girl of yosu the thing and this is a new a new school in baltimore was founded a think seven years ago yet of so she's the first person the phone the a step team here and it was a preparatory academy there yet bless him so she's the leader in the founder of the stuff team yes so she's really cool very beautiful seems very determined to try to make something of herself and she has had trouble saying and school egg going to school.

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