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There at the Lincoln tunnel the cell to disclose but no delays at the Holland tunnel one lane closed in both directions for repair route seventeen in Carlstadt southbound it Paterson plank road potter main work the weather forecast sunshine and some clouds mixed today high eighty three cloudy tonight low seventy two tomorrow some scattered thunderstorms hi around eighty to one on Sunday it'll be sunny few clouds high eighty six currently seventy seven you now know what's going on I'm tional personal name might seventy the answer one thing that gives you an entirely different perspective about your place in the world I think it would be worth it like Gallagher join me for ten days stand with Israel in December of twenty ninety first inside Israel's fashioning passion and promising future geopolitical economic and spiritual dynamics one of the most fascinating places on earth change the world temple steps to western wall I only pray on the mount of news on return home our she is for a life changing event sense of purpose twenty nine for more information and to register for this trip away I'm nine seventy the answer dot com that's a M. nine seventy the answer dot com of course the Lexus golden opportunity sales event is about exceptional offers but it's also about the luxury of versatility with space for the unexpected and the freedom of a summer.

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