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Hear directly from your kansas city chiefs. I'm steven certa. Chiefs had off day on sunday. But they got things underway again on monday morning. We heard from chiefs offensive coordinator eric. B enemy new defensive tackle jarran reed as well as former denver bronco now. Kansas city chiefs safety will parks and local product. wide receiver. Dairy shepherd will go in that order chiefs offensive coordinator eric. B enemy followed by defensive. Tackle jarran reed then. We'll take a quick time out when we get back. You'll hear from safety will parks as well as wide receiver darius shepherd but first here's chiefs offensive coordinator eric b enemy. You guys doing good to see everyone in person. Some good stuff Feels good to be back here for training camp. That guys are working hard Obviously we just continue chopping wood. We know what our goals and expectations. But it don't mean nothing if we don't take care of business on the day to day basis so with that said the mole is today out there still well. Obviously you know being a competitor. We all want it to be perfect. But we understand the ebb and flow of quite. Sometimes you have good days. Sometimes the guys on the other side have good days. The only thing that you want to see this guys making sure that they continue to play with the effort that we expect them to play with and then when it's all said and done we'll coach on take just clean it up so today. We didn't have a very good day. But i'll have an opportunity to really evaluate once we're going there and take a look at it on take early moral to face. What have you seen as you know what i'm very excited about. Those young guys coach is a is a helluva coach. He does a great job of communicating. He's done a great job over the years of teaching He has a way with those guys. Those guys are doing a good job. Are they right where we needed to be right now. No but that's what training campus. Four in fact you know as bad as as you hate to see mistakes made almost good because now you can go out there and take a look at it on tape and half those guys learn from their mistakes so right now these guys are doing a heck of a job they learn the strain the finish and when it's all done with coach doing an outstanding job of collectively getting those guys to learn how to play together can't like it forces all of them to be accountable to one another because at that position you have to communicate you have to have awareness in you gotta stay in contact with each other so it forces those guys to talk to one another which is a great thing so all the little phase that they're not doing is going to help them as we continue to build anything he's ready for a bigger role you know what mccall has done a great job of coming back to camp in shape like he always does but you're still seeing that explosive power he's working on his releases and he just fine tuning the little things we're excited about it not only a we excited about him but also to you got mccoll he knows he has prang on his back. Do you rob you know. A number of guys cornell. Calloway and i mean the list continues but mccoll is doing a heck of a job. He's working on and he's working on the details to help them to improve each. And every day sessions with willie guide without on rouser which one. I'm sorry person who put it this way. In my opinion. From what. I remember it would just poorly executed play. We need to execute better. I also wanted to ask you about another new guy jerk again. What sort of different element to bring you know what djuric has has been in this week for a number of years. He brings experience okay. He brings a special teams play because he's been a four phase special teams with on top of that. The kids just a dynamic football player. So i think with him being that room he's going to help date and he's going to help cli- he's gonna help. Those guys grow on top of that. He can help in many different ways giving us a nice little change of pace. You know what those guys are working hard every day. They're doing a hell of a job. Are they right where we need to be. Not quite but i will say this every day. I'm seeing them improve upon something now. They make mistakes. Yes mistakes happen. And like i said you wanna encourage them because when they do make a mistake. It's not about that particular play. What are they going to do the next time. They have an opportunity to get out there. So the good thing is that both those guys are working at tails. They've found a way to make plays each and every day and so the thing that we want them to do is just to continue to strive to be at their best listen. I'm not getting into that. He lost a race. You know so. I don't know when that's gonna take place at. It'd probably take place sometime next offseason. But i'll be curious to see hussein. Vote right now. Here's the thing. I truly believe that tyreek can run. We started talking about these lessons. Will air on alleged. And i love tyreek ero and you'll olympic gold medalists and that's not to say i don't love you. I love diary. But i'm gonna air own alleged dinner. See where is here the thing you know what. He's doing a heck of a japanese. He's obviously this year too so he understands exactly where we want even pass game so it's good seeing him get out there and mix it up a little bit. He has a better understanding of what's going on with protection. So he's doing a good job in the run game as he always does when i think overall he just finding his running because now and ain't the first time that he's doing it again you know what i mean. It's now he's done it he's been there. He's had an opportunity to evaluate himself throughout the off season. Now being playing. Football santeria shepherd after minicamp st joe about bring him in the can't get you know what the keita's a sharp kit. He's a very smart kid. Joe's doing job with with all those guys. Obviously and the thing that i love about him wherever you put him in he finds a way to make the play the right way he runs very good. Rousey has a little quicker twitching and also to the kid has great hands so he's been fun to watch and he's been fun to work with..

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