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Ryan straight into the Ryan Hall of Fame with King of pain as we talk about Colorado's Cuomo Jared Polis in the reporting coming together reporting the Gazette has done the reporting we've done. Great recent reporting by Ben Markus at CPR and what the facts show you were talking facts, Then you get into analysis and opinion. But what the facts show you is there was a total collapse within the Polish administration on Covid on testing on Contact tracing and then the unimaginable. Perhaps I'm not making the allegation because I don't know if it to be true, But it's a fair question, perhaps corrupt decision to turn the state's testing and testing for nursing homes. Over to this start up company out of California from some college dropout and and paying them 90 million bucks and committing to them based on results from 14 patients and then And then eventually having to dump them After all this carnage. Colorado leading the nation in nursing home desk, one out of 25. Of our precious nursing home residents. Died from covid in December. I mean, just stunning stuff. So Christie Burton Brown the great care of the Colorado GOP in studio with us to talk about this and Cristian attorney as well, a con law attorneys, so I know you've really immersed in this story. And what else do people need to know about this? Mean, I think they really need they really need to know that questioning Pulis is valid. It is the way to go. He sets himself up as the King of Colorado and the King of the world Pain. Yeah, I mean, literally. That's how he views himself. He thinks he's an invincible. He thinks he doesn't have to answer. And I think we need to find ways to hold him accountable for what his agencies to do. Um, we're talking about this a little bit in the break. But it's my view that what policy does as he pushes off responsibility to his agency directors so that his own hands can be clean. He talks to media only when he feels like it. He doesn't answer coral requests when he doesn't want to. And he needs to be hammered for that by our Republican candidates, right, But you touched on a Christian. This is no reflection on you. You just took over his chair. You're doing a hell of a job, but he feels completely bulletproof. Completely invincible. I mean, he succeeded in intimidating most of the media. Out of doing any kind of serious reporting on him by implicitly, if not explicitly threatening access if they even asked him tough questions. Yep. Then you have these courageous noble exceptions. The Gazette. The Sun And Marcus at CPR. This show that defied that and dug in. And once you dug in. I mean, you see failure on an almost unimaginable scale. Yeah, but But what do you do? I mean, You're doing everything a person can. But what do you do in the GOP when you know as a practical matter, with Phil Weiser as attorney general and Beth McCann, the DEA of Denver, etcetera, Um there's not going to be subpoena power. There's not going to be polish or his top people put under oath. You're not going to be able to find out under oath. If this Unimaginable decision to go to the start up company for testing was corrupt or not. You know whether it was in exchange for campaign contributions or two Curries support, you know, with big important Democrats out there because you had this this crew of venture capitalists behind this start up by the way, this startup out of California with this college dropout Whatever powers were out there, helping it spread its wings. They ended up making over a billion bucks. Oh, yeah, in a relatively short period of time, and with very ineffective results and 90 million in Colorado in a short period of time, Yep. And Polish extended that by not responding to the nursing home crisis for at least 17 days when he knew what was going on. He had a warning from the FDA in the nursing homes themselves. And I think you're right that because the Democrats have a super majority control this state we cannot insist on, you know, testimony under oath and all these other things, But we absolutely have to demand a bipartisan investigation. We have to, uh I think people should reach out to their legislators, Democrats and Republicans. And have them also put pressure on poles for this cause he cannot keep declining to go on camera, refusing to talk to the media, not answering for what he's done when the majority of deaths in Colorado even if we're looking outside of this time period, we're at long term care facilities. And and polish made us everyone in the state feel like it was their fault. Covid Covid was spreading that small businesses and restaurants had to answer for it that churches and families couldn't gather when he knew, and the data showed where this was actually coming from. Yeah, and to your point, Kristie Burton Brown, and he knew Let's talk about the big like the killer like a fatal lie. It happened in the beginning back in April, when Polish hid from the public the fact that most of our deaths were coming out of nursing homes now he probably hit it from the public because it was embarrassing to him personally, because it's all about him hit it from the public because it would have undermined as it should have. Support for his devastating shutdowns in Colorado. You know which were so selective and so damaging and so ineffective because the fact he continued to implicitly invite Tens of thousands of people from America's Wuhan says The Gazette described New York and other places to come to Colorado, You know, but he hit it and it was important health information. That the people in nursing homes and the people thinking of going into nursing homes had a right to know. And then he did it again in December. When he hit from Colorado is the fact that that we had a crisis. We had this breakdown in testing. We've had this breakdown in contact tracing and we had massive numbers dying in nursing homes, and he hit it. Yep. Well, if I remember correctly Back. During that time, the police administration had encouraged people not to gather with their families for Thanksgiving not to do their typical celebrations, and it was specifically between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So this spike in nursing homes happened the week before. Christmas is when we are double the national average. But if I remember right, the polls administration blamed the people of Colorado and said, Oh, you got together with too many people. This is your fault. When really, he wasn't responding to the nursing home, so he shuts down restaurants and devastates all of those people and their families. You know, and and, you know, interrupts all the folks who would have liked to go to restaurants. He shuts that down. Yep. While hiding the fact that the carnage is in nursing homes. And and that he should have been at that point in time doing everything humanly possible to to protect those homes and being honest, like people fortresses, right, so right. Wow, I That is as bad as Cuomo. Oh, it is. I mean, is this past And if he doesn't like any of these conclusions that people are putting out there, he better answer for it. His silence is an admission. Yeah, Yeah. Hey, can you stay Can stay because one thing I'd like to do is open up the phone lines. 8554058255 text 57739 started Deanne Christie Burton Brown Party chair will shift now to Colorado. The 22 races where it goes from here. How do you win again? If anybody can do it, it's Christie Burton Brown. You're on the Dan Caplis show..

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