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And when we lose that one shot money from the federal government, we're going to start cutting those as well. And what happens to the New Yorkers who need the most assistance? And the New Yorkers who are middle class who are struggling who are working, if there's one group that can have a second home on Park Avenue and not pay any taxes on it. And there's another group who will literally homeless on the brink of homelessness. That just can't be allowed to exist. What did you what did you think of the governor hoku had in her original policy platform? Some policies for accessory dwelling units allowing those in all areas zone for single-family housing and then a push for more transit oriented development. Those got a lot of pushback, especially from Long Island elect officials, including one of your competitors in this race, Tom swazi, among others, although he's spoken favorably about some of these policies, but saying he wants to do them more localized. And then so she dropped those. Are those two things that you would pursue? Are there any other sort of policies like those that are in your housing plan as well? But what about those two things specifically? I think you have to pursue them. The way it was done just tells me that unfortunately, as in most things, we're more interested in trying to ensure that we get a group of voters to win election than to actually help New Yorkers. And that's the problem. And we see that in the Republican Party in this most acute manner, we're literally allowing people to be massacred by machine guns because people want to make sure they get reelected. Unfortunately, Democratic Party did the same thing. I don't want us to jump out of the frying pan into the fire, but we have to acknowledge some of the things that we do. And that's one of them. Now, this is a conversation that should have been had with those people who have the concerns that you've spoken about..

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