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You know, like the editor at the Daily Mail was like, we can't just post about Rachel Brosnahan said, affil-, come on though, as if that's so far below their standards. That's true. Well, sure. But they got a spice it up. And honestly, I know it's a little bit of a problematic spicy, but it's spicy they could've they could've posted about Rachel Brosnahan teaming up with their set of fell if she hadn't worn like paisley very demure full-body dresses, and the, the photos, she's covering every inch of her skin, if she were wearing like if she were showing off her slim pans, if she were showing her ample cleavage and or assets, maybe they would have taken the bait. But now completely I had to go a different route also. Show is your face. You know, it's face watch, you've got a, you don't just show your skin. They're not showing her assets. They're not showing her slim pin, so they were like, well, we gotta talk about a death. Let's find a tragedy. All right. Her aunt, I was just thinking as I was looking at the word set a Phil, what a very like engineered name for something that is supposed to be like cleansing clean so that they're trying to spin it to be like cool and young. There's no you're gonna get a word said, affil- to be like cool for young people. You have to change the name and they're not changing the logo like you know, they're not trying to make it like pink and rainbow. Josie y lick it still looks like medicine local looks like medicine, right? It looks like something that's in your grandma's cabinet would fun. It is in your grandma's cabinet, and your grandma's, Rachel Brosnahan. But anyway, said, Avila's, not paying us to do this ad. So let's move onto the next topic. What's funny about this? We talked about this. Are we talked about this in our live show and it wasn't until you added the actual copy? And here that I knew at this was four. But there was this just Jared headline that I saw that said, Kristen bell index shepherd surprised expectant moms, while shopping that seems like a bad idea. Right. Like you don't really wanna be surprised the moms vulgar shopping name number the number one people, you don't want to surprise are pregnant people, I mean other surprise your water just broke surprise, surprise, surprise your labor. Can you imagine? You're like deck is that deck show. Is Dax Shepard of them now are, are them. Are they as a couple like them's? Honestly, I think they really they, they strong armed their way into them them. So it worked, I think, as a caller them's to be honest with you, even though he is still like confusing entity whose make them sometimes his podcast helps him. I think so they did they'd surprise this poor pregnant mom named Candice Baldwin at a WalMart in Arkansas. Oh my God. Aware the what the hell and because they have these products they have children's products called Hello, Bello. They're like two regular Jessica Alba's, which they sell at WalMart. They include diapers wipes baby wash diaper rash. God, that is setting yourself up for some kind of problematic issue. I it makes me something something is not good. There is an ingredient. There is an ingredient in one and or all of them. Oh my God. It is going to it is going to give a baby rash that it's going to put Christabel in the headlines once again, it's too, so they snuck up on this poor pregnant woman said some highs, and she immediately gave birth. And then the baby was named Kristen bell. All one word crystal. So that's not that's not as fun as it was at the show, because you really need the visual, but I don't recommend yooglie. It's terrifying. It's so scary. It looks like a horror movie poster. Speaking of scary, John Travolta's daughter is now an actress that we are supposed to be taking seriously. I mean, are we taking the bait where there's a lot about taking the bait? Are you taking eight right now? I'm taking the bake some talking about her. Right. I guess I'm I mean, I'm we always take the bait who am I kidding. But what what's so interesting about this is that, like, you know, these are kids, John Travolta's kids are never seen or heard from. They are very much kind of hidden behind civil, they're not any work..

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