Sean Brock, Ian Wright, Haas discussed on House of Carbs - Barbecue for the Forces of Good (Ep. 9)


But the tradition that they do adhere to is the fact that they want to be the best and so to be the best you kind of have to have the best of both worlds you kind of have to have everything there for you in the city so accommodative if you if you have if you are common in the door with some credentials you have that stamp of approval come on in we have room for you well lulu that's the idea absolutely and i i've asked um you know locals and i've talked bartenders around and there are there are no problems with in fact a lot of them considered lewis barbecue to do to be the best barbecue in the city so boyle away economy makes sense because sean brock's not a native charleston ian wright right he's uh but he he had the um you know he he gets a type of credit it's not that that anybody needs credit but haas kind of really welcome to everybody to the idea the charleston was a you know an incredible foods that city it's always been i think no attrition that goes back foodwise three hundred fifty years as you mentioned but husk really reminded everybody charleston a place deserving right and and he had he has a great relationship with rodney scott they've they've cooked gather plenty of times they've actually been on on a mind of a chef which i actually referenced on my first house carbs appearance the actually cook the whole hog together to serve at a party so they're they're very good friend let's let's be sure to link to that while yet release remind everybody a that's that's one of the wa i'm gonna i'm that okay mental note.

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