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Saturday nights after my show, So if I'm being careful, you be careful too. Okay, let's see if anybody is encountering any dear. I hope not. It's New Jersey. Fast tracking chip from Obama had to go on open my big mouth about how great the parkway look this evening. And wouldn't you know it? All of a sudden we've got South Bend the least their Union County heading south of 1, 35 and Clark. Into the Woodbridge area. Looks like construction going up right near the colonia Rest area to write lands are closed. So slowdowns right now for about a mile, maybe a mile and a quarter again starting south of exit. 1 35 otherwise. At least for the time being. Parkway looks good and no major incidents on the main line of the turnpike. You will see roadwork on the Hudson County extension that affects you both ways on the North Bay Bridge and the other big issue we have right now is in union. It's a crash on route 22 eastbound heading back out to the Garden State Parkway, so still seeing a lot of slow traffic in the area. Some westbound rubbernecking as well and watch out for a crash on Route four. In the angle. What area right after Jones Road delays fairly light. Looks like the George Washington Bridge still fairly tough. Once you get out about mid span on the upper deck, there was a crash coming up from under the apartment's on the Alexander Hamilton Bridge as you try and get out to the cross Bronx Expressway, So that's the issue. No waiting at the tolls, but a big jam on the bridge. Reject pretty slow, too. So if you're not in a truck, you want to stick with Lincoln or Holland Tunnels. This report sponsored by Unbound out orig, a girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor on elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community you can reach out and change their world and it'll change your own unbound dot org's Traffic every 15 minutes. Your next report 10 18. I'm Jeff from a New jersey One of 1.5, New Jersey one a 1.5 Wait days we talk And weekends. We rock fast traffic and instant weather every 15 minutes. Listen on our free app and on New Jersey one a 1.5. Hi. I'm Millie could be loud Host of the take by Al Jazeera. Three times a week..

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