Sarah Palin, New York Times, Congressman discussed on Heroes of the 500


General obligation bonds to its lowest investment grade rating citing the growing pile of unpaid bills that they have in the state and sarah palin is considering suing the new york times or tying her to gaby gifford shooting we discussed this yesterday so what they did is they said they were talking about poorest conscience these lease the shooting there he is still in in recovery the condition according to some is better but we're gonna take that is a big guarded we're going to wait to hear from the congressman himself or his staff on this but in trying to make some kind of comparison they compared what happened to thieves gleason the rhetoric to the rhetoric of sarah palin that led to the shooting of gabrielle gifford's they talked about this map with the the the the sites remember that the famous map with the the not even her map ishida she's had nothing to do with this yet they wanted to make that tie and make that connection she's infuriated she might sue she's absolutely right she is absolutely right what does it say about this story that the washington here's the the the washington examiner peace i'm sorry the a washington post piece that kind of calls out in the new york times for getting this story wrong forgetting all the wrong and they don't even try and walking path in don't even try to apologize they they offer what can only be described as the most lazy and mealy mouth of corrections as for this connection between sarah palin gabrielle gifford's no link yet exists to make the claim that a what she may have had on our website led to any type of shooting if you listen to others discussed the subject jerry lov no shocked gabriel gifford's has had a long time type of fetish long type longtime obsession with gabrielle gifford.

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