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And now boston police department decides therefore black history month we can't find any body betted on it in the black than than white man good that's what you're saying will you thought that tweet that's what you're saying what you're saying is we care find anybody better we care find anybody black that's gutter then he option that we threw out there and he was there tweet ladies and gentleman quo and arnaud of has to black history month we pay tribute to celtics legend hashtag red auerbach for being a first nba coach to draft a black player 1950 field and all african american starting 519 sixty four and hired elites first african american head coach bill russell a 1966 when red all by be red auerbach if it were not for those players who produced for him thich you decided to tweet out bill russell it never occurred to you for that to be your first pick consider when what bill russell had to endure as a member of the boston celtics winning championships for your city as still being treated like a coming a earth in a process it never occurred to you and by the way boston police that's a question because i don't know remember the citizens of boston have always been good to me they've always be good to me but i got a question you'd have bought the police department and this is your default position and you can't even farther within your soul to come up with an african american that you'd like to honor durum black history month what does that say about how you feel about black people.

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