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Now a few days ago we played in few with Pavel civic off the team sky writer who, unfortunately abandoned the race that day young writer, interesting story, and I thought what school and find some other of the Palestine's last year lights. And one guy who's really caught my attention being Jonathan Restrepo first couple years ago at the while in breakaway twenty one at a time, it's twenty three, nine after three years at catoon restrict is being let go is being released. They have clearly given up on him, which to me seems like shame for such young writer. He lives in New York and the Spanish island famous like Klay island Frontino Dino much, but Jonathan Restrepo well, I can tell you some random anecdote. His aim is Jonah Tom, because of course he in instead of having the h. or after the tea or he has after the after he has it after the h.. Generally j after the Jay, sorry. So finally, this name was picked by his grandmother, and it was her who wrote it down and hence, they decided to respect there wasn't correct, but he's parents wanted to name him loose Miguel, like the famous Singer. Well, there you go and wow inch speaks about the finish sharing a room with Ian Boswell, who's a big fan of his is really says. He's a very positive, fun guy to be around always very upbeat. And yeah, here's what you said of the finish. The time trial for the moment is good for me. I. I was happy with my weta also. I can win. Than I can win one station the the. The next day I tried, I tried to bring my maximum to give a maximum for sure. I, I want to win last days was so close with the marquee. With Alexei don't have power in the moments in the no power. Right? Are you? We've seen you in moves on hilly stages, but you're quite a your ruler. Aren't your sprinter as well and believe. I dunno, I dunno body. We goes sometimes I can do really good climbs, and sometimes it can really good sprint. And the next next year I tried to lose more weight and and for sure I try something in the classics for sure I can. I can do something, but the point is lose weight. And and then I see because and this worked, I see my numbers with the climate is also good, but I need lose weight for go in different. Where are you from in Columbia from from small city in Caldas is, but I live in Antioch in close to marriage in Lhasa. I say. He's in the in the ball in the how is this in that? I live two thousand five hundred meters attitude, so good for training there. You're, you're still young guy on. You've got a contract with kitchen next year. What are your options next year of your other teams interested. Yeah, I I have other teams and I, I wait the for the moment. I won't see the best team in. I am waiting for this, but. The film woman is really focusing the welter and then I see the, they'll the chance. I mean, are you disappointed not to stay with kaytusha? What? Why? Why? Why not staying there? Do you know? He's nice question. You think you need to say this in the manager. And for the woman. I don't know nothing. Why don't bring me then you contract, but was so nice time. I really good time here. I, I. Eleven lot of experience. They bring me the fisa paternity forgoing the world tours. I am really happy with the team and also I think you'll be world through next year. Would you like to be in a team that may be has an emphasis on the classics. Those are the races he wanted to do while in the classics. They like Lombady life Fletcher like this. I can do also in the in the Kabul I can do something, but for the moment I need focus now. And then in the December November, I need really focus for the nausea because if you're one, I one. Stip the next day I made for sure lose more weight, and then we see the results..

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