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And traffic now it's ten twenty nine i bob mcclay here's our top story the investigation continues into a massive grocery store fire in west phoenix john clapper lives near the safeway at thirty fifth avenue at northern that went up in flames last night he says he's still in shock to see how bad it is up close i mean i've seen stuff like this but to see it something like this up close in person it's just it's just awful meanwhile the phoenix fire department has confirmed that no one was killed or hurt in the fire firefighters are still investigating but believe a partial roof collapse new the back of the store broke a gas line and damaged the electrical box to start the fire they've declared the building eight total loss arizona senator john mccain could to take shots at president trump ktar's jeremy foster joins us live on mccain's latest critique bob mccain called the president's performance at nato over the last couple of days predictably disappointing although mccain didn't specify which party was referring to the president did say this morning he's committed to nato and even got us allies to commit to paying more for defense the president also talked this morning about his upcoming meeting with russian leader vladimir putin we want to find out about syria we will of course ask a favorite question about meddling i will be asking that question again and mccain said he hopes president trump holds putin accountable for his actions in the two thousand sixteen election when the two leaders get together monday in finland live in the news center jeremy foster ktar news the first fire chief to arrive at the world trade center on september eleventh two thousand one is retiring after thirty seven year career chief joe pfeiffer saw american flight eleven sliced through the world trade center and set up the command post in the north tower lobby where he watched his brother kevin head upstairs never to return those tragedies motivate us to move forward for could've retired seventeen years ago instead he created the fda unwise counterterrorism and emergency preparedness plans what i wound up saying and so many other people was how can i help now fire and police work more collaboratively firefighters are trained to anticipate threats all because of a chief who said he wanted to turn his traumatic memories into hope aaron katersky abc news new york time now to get a check on traffic here's dani sullivan live from the valley chevy dealers traffic center most of your free looking pretty good over on state route two thirty eight not so hot.

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